11 impactful ideas were shortlisted and awarded for further development and incubation

Creates platform to promote Social Innovation to enable inclusive growth and development

Leading industrial and automotive supplier, Schaeffler India Limited (BSE: 505790, NSE: SCHAEFFLER) today announced 11 winning ideas out of 150 shortlisted entries for its Social Innovator Fellowship Program. At an event held in Pune, 11 ideas were announced as winners, from over 150 entries that were shortlisted after 24 weeks of evaluation and jury process. The Social Innovator Fellowship Program was announced by Schaeffler India in the third quarter of 2021. Applications were invited in areas of education for the underprivileged, health & nutrition, renewable energy & environment, water conservation, and waste management. Schaeffler partnered with Buddy4Study, India’s largest scholarship platform that connects scholarship and education loan providers with seekers to facilitate the initiative.

The 1st winning idea received a monetary support of INR 5,00,000 and the remaining 10 winning ideas received INR 1,00,000 each. Further, all the 11 winners will undergo an eight-week hybrid mentorship at CIIE (Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship) IIM Ahmedabad, one of India’s top Business schools to help them further develop and scale their solutions. Additionally, Schaeffler India will collaborate with winners and provide them access to its network to further collaborate and create opportunities.

The jury comprised of Mr Harsha Kadam – Managing Director and CEO, Schaeffler India; Mr Santanu Ghoshal – Vice President HR and Head of Sustainability India and eminent social entrepreneur and Ramon Magsaysay award winner Mr Anshu Gupta – Founder of Goonj.

Schaeffler India is actively pursuing its ESG strategy to drive holistic development and growth. A part of Schaeffler India’s social development initiative, the program acts as a catalyst to identify and strengthen the capacity of young innovators who are working to transform the areas of education for the underprivileged, health & nutrition, renewable energy & environment, water conservation, and waste management.

Congratulating the winners, Mr Harsha Kadam said, “Innovation and development leads to growth, but equitable innovation is key to inclusive growth. It is heartening to see so many passionate ideas aided by technology, potentially impacting the social fabric in a positive way. We are seeing technology disruptions all around us promoting growth and holistic development and at Schaeffler India we are conscious of this fact and therefore announced this platform.”

On the announcement, Mr. Santanu Ghoshal said, “We are deeply committed to advancing the prosperity and progress of our communities. The Schaeffler India Social Innovator Fellowship Program aims to harness and support the pioneering spirit of young and passionate innovators across India to bring improvements to social and ecological issues. Our heartiest congratulations to the outstanding group of leaders selected for this fellowship program, who demonstrated a strong commitment to developing transformative solutions to 21st-century problems that result in more resilient systems, communities, and people.”

Mr. Anshu Gupta, Magsaysay awardee Social Entrepreneur and Founder – Goonj, while judging the event commented, “While judging the event commented, “Being a part of this event was an extremely gratifying and enriching experience. I congratulate all the winners who have passionately pursued their ideas and commend the teams of Buddy4Study and Schaeffler India, for creating this platform to bring forward transforming social impact ideas. It is good to see how youth from diversified backgrounds are trying to understand the core of issues and bringing new approaches and solutions.”

Selection Process:

The nomination process for the fellowship began in September last year. Schaeffler India received 557 applications from young innovators across the country. These nominations were subjected to a transparent and rigorous three-step selection process consisting of interviews and presentations to the jury panel and Schaeffler India leaders. In the primary check round, 167 candidates were shortlisted out of 557.

In the first round, the shortlisted candidates were judged on four different parameters i.e., – the age group, the current stage of their social venture, category of the idea and introductory deck/ video pitch. In this round 42 candidates were shortlisted for the 2nd round of selection.

The second round was conducted by trained Schaeffler employees from different locations in India and the candidates were judged on a holistic questionnaire and score card. After the 2nd round, 11 candidates were shortlisted for the third and final round.

In the final round, these 11 candidates presented their solution to an august jury panel, comprising of Schaeffler India leaders and a social entrepreneur. Basis the presentation and subsequent interview, the panel has selected the following winners: (at a felicitation ceremony)

Names of Winners 

Name of their solution


Purva Parwani

Claylab Education Foundation

Transforming Education for the underprivileged

Nikky Kumar Jha

Saptkrishi Scientific Private Limited

Renewable Energy and Environment

Swalih C I

Electrical Retrofitting

Renewable Energy and Environment

Shilpa K Nayana

Dime Klear Pvt Ltd

Water Conservation

Himanshu Gupta

Agricultural waste valorization conversion into value added products of industrial application

Waste Management

Aditya Srinivas

Roha Biotech

Waste Management

Deepak Rajmohan

GreenPod Labs

Waste Management


Adhesive Non-Surgical Hearing Device

Health & Nutrition

Ardra S Nair

Ecocontainers from recycled coir fiber

Waste Management

Dr. Neha Tuli

6DOF Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Transforming Education for the underprivileged

Sulem Ansari

Comparison Of Effectiveness Of Moringa Oleifera Leaves Extract Gel (2%) With Retino A (0.1%) Cream For Treatment Of Oral Leukoplakia (precancerous lesion) : Double Blinded Randomized Control Trial 

Health & Nutrition

About the winning projects:

Project Name


Agro Waste Valorization into Value added products by Himanshu Gupta

  • Problem: fruit waste which is underutilized in low value creation

  • Solution: Bio-Active Compounds, Green Bio-polymers and chemicals

  • Banana fruit waste peel dried, milled into powder form using 150 sieve mesh size

  • Extraction of Beta Carotene from Banana waste peel

  • Application as ingredient in cosmetic and animal feed products

Impulse – Make hear the un-hear by Lakshmanan

  • Hearing implants are inaccessible to a large percentage of population

  • High cost of implantation

  • Recommended before 8 years of age

  • Impact: The gift of hearing, employment opportunities, innovation from a Tier-2 city, and better quality of life (UN SDGs)

Learn – O – Little by Dr. Neha Tuli

  • Problem: Traditional learning lacks interaction, engagement, motivation and hinders self-imagination.

  • Solution: Learn -O- Little is a portable and affordable Augmented Reality based hands-on learning kit for kindergarten kids to help them learn basic English language skills (alphabet, word building, etc.). 

  • Learn -O- Little for special kit includes sign language flashcards that would allow special kids to learn from the same kit.

  • Learn – O – Little Magic workbook is India’s first AR integrated Workbook in which the child learns unique vocabulary and can visualize the same color animals in front of him/her the way he fills in his coloring book

Saptkrishi by Nikky Kumar Jha

  • Problem: 40% of horticulture produce around the globe is wasted. Sum loss in agricultural sector due to post-harvest wastage in India alone: 20 bn $/year.

  • Solution: Sabjikothi/ Preservator

  • Impact

  • 50% increase in the income of small & marginal farmers

  • Reduction in waste by more than 30%

  • Health benefits – kills deadly  pathogens and makes food  safe

  • Reduces Energy consumption by more than 80%

Claylab Education Foundation by Purva Parwani

  • Problem: 1 crore students move to Grade 11 every year in India. At least 60% of them would be 1st generation graduates. Lack adequate career awareness and readiness

  • Solution: Virtual mentorship support. Connecting Working Professionals as Mentors with higher-secondary students from low-income families

  • Impact

  • 90.6% students feel they have at least 1 person at Claylab who can guide them

  • 78% of students are at a level of 3 in CORE

  • 40% of students are at a level of 4 in CORE

Dime Klear Pvt. Ltd. by Shilpa K Nayana

  • Problem: Water scarcity is a huge problem for the World. Even if the water is available, there is the issue of contamination. This is particularly severe in certain areas where there is a lack of groundwater, resulting in illness from poor water quality

  • Solution: An ISRO Supported Project. Purification and Desalination of water using agricultural materials, Coconut shell with high-end technology, Nanotechnology at fraction of the cost.

Moringa Oleifera (Drumstick) Leaves Extract Gel (2%) For The Treatment Of Oral Leukoplakia (Pre-cancerous lesion) by Sulem Ansari

  • Moringa oleifera is a tropical shrub native to India, which is also known as the ‘drumstick tree’.

  • Moringa oleifera leaves demonstrate potent antioxidant activity. A study on moringa oleifera reported that it provides 7 times more vitamin C than oranges,10 times more vitamin A than carrots. 

  • It is found in various parts of India and  can be grown in any region of India, economical and low maintenance plant.

  • M. oleifera mucoadhesive gel.

  • Confidence and sense of empowerment. 

  • Entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Clear vision regarding the venture.

  • Commercialization of the innovation.

  • Scaling of the innovation.

  • Positive impact on society and the economy.

Electrical Retrofitting by Swalith Ibrahim

  • Problem: Policy to scrap auto-rickshaws older than 15 years. 30% rickshaws will be affected. Majority will be dumped in roadsides or illegal scrap yards, leaching metals & toxins in to ground

  • Solution: Retrofit fossil-fuelled auto-rickshaws to electric vehicle. Reuse 80% of components

Roha369 Biotech by Aditya Srinivas

  • Styrofoam constitutes 1% of the overall plastic industry, it occupies a staggering 30% of volume in landfills

  • 70% of 270 KTPA ends up in landfills after singleuse. Catastrophic damage for Marine& Land life

  • Agricultural residue-based mycelium bio-composite

  • Water and fire resistant.& Thermal and sound insulator

  • Minimal energy consumption

  • Upcycling of waste

  • Complex, customizable & modular structures

Sustainable packaging solutions by Ardra S Nair

  • Around 142 billion units of cosmetic packaging- Global, 2018

  • Majority comprising of Plastic packaging

  • Only 9% of worlds plastic has been recycled

  • Pollution- Landfills and Oceans

  • Solution: Eco-containers from recycled coin fibers

  • Impact: With 5 lakh containers in the market, we save 4.35 MT Co2 equivalent

Greenpod Labs by Deepak Rajmohan

  • 40% of fruits & vegetables lost

  • $12 Billion economic waste

  • 2.6G Tons of greenhouse gas emission

About HOPE

Schaeffler India as a part of its CSR program has consolidated its activities and focus exclusively on a few core areas which will make a meaningful impact on the community and make a difference. HOPE is Schaeffler India’s umbrella initiative encompassing the values, vision and mission of the organization. Through this initiative Schaeffler India strives to contribute, to the motto ‘सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः’ (May everyone be happy). It is derived from the four core areas of focus – Healthcare, Occupational skill, Preservation of national heritage, art & culture and Empowerment of society. Under HOPE, Schaeffler India runs a number of initiatives for the four focus areas.

HOPE is Schaeffler India’s flagship CSR brand that has the following focus areas; Health Care, Occupational Skill for Employability, Preservation of National Heritage Art & Culture and Empowerment of Society. The engineering scholarship initiative is part of the organizations continuous endeavor towards empowerment through education.

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