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Month: August 2022


Communism Kills—100 Million Corpses in 100 Years 

Posted On August 31, 2022 Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, is dead at 91.  He failed to overcome communism’s inherent economic and dictatorial flaws.  Why does it matter?  Because transgender activists, the “trained Marxists” of Black Lives Matter, and others want to bring communism to America. …


The Media Avoids Every Biden Fiasco 

If you never looked at a poll and watched only the network news to stay informed, you might think Joe Biden is a very successful and popular president. That’s not an accident. There’s a lot of well-designed embroidery and energetic omissions. They pretend Biden has…


Biden Is the Real Semi-Facist 

Posted On August 31, 2022 This week, President Joe Biden—in search of a new label to pin on his political opponents after the failure of his “ultra-MAGA” branding, which prompted peals of laughter rather than shudders of horror—landed on a new slur with which to…