21 Savage might be cool with standing on whatever Drake said on their collab album, but the rapper seems to be walking back his OWN words!

“I would never disrespect Nas or any legend who paved the way for me y’all be tryna take stuff and run with it [face palm emoticon],” Savage tweeted.

His clarification comes after social media users chewed him UP for seemingly dismissing Nas’ relevancy in today’s hip-hop industry. His comments came to light after a partial clip of the Clubhouse debate went viral.

“What y’all saying relevant, though? I don’t feel like he’s relevant,” 21 Savage said, struggling to voice his opinion amid multiple people speaking at once. “No, bro. No, he’s not relevant. He just has a loyal a** fanbase…and he still make good a** music.”

He later defined relevancy as “closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered.” However, he also admitted to possibly using the “wrong word” when someone pressed him about the definition.

Though Savage addressed backlash regarding Nas, the rapper seemed to be with all the smoke behind Drake dissing on Her Loss, per what he told DJ Akademiks.

When Megan Thee Stallion dragged Drake for seemingly mentioning her shooting incident in Circo Loco, Savage stood by Drake.

21 also remained silent when Serena Williams’ husband defended himself against Drake’s “groupie” insult on Middle of the Ocean.

Social Media Users Defend AND Drag 21 Savage 

But the main clip making its social media rounds only includes the initial “no, he’s not relevant” comments. Nonetheless, 21’s critique caused a frenzy on social media.

The backlash to 21’s comment comes days after Nas released King’s Disease III on November 11 and nearly two weeks after Her Loss dropped on November 4.

People bounced between defending Nas to elaborating on Savage’s point of view. Others spoke on how the culture disrespects legends in the music industry.


Nas Seemingly Responds, Kodak Blasts 21

Meanwhile, Nas spent the last few days posting about his new album and his press runs, such as his Daily Show with Trevor Noah appearance on Monday night. But on Tuesday morning, he shared a photo of himself with a lil’ cryptic message–just the word LOVE and a laughing emotion.

His post is petty pebbles compared to the boulders Kodak Black launched at 21 Savage on Monday night and Tuesday morning. First, the rapper defended Nas, telling Savage that he is “tripping.” 

It appears that Kodak also believes Savage was subbing him in a November 10 tweet that says, “where all y’all fans be at when these n****s drop albums.” He unleashed a paragraph on 21 via Instagram Story.

“21 do his thing I give credit where it’s due but don’t come for me talm bout my album sales homie that ain’t gangsta! You n****s know what I done been thru in this sh*t,” Kodak wrote. “Anddd you n****s had a whole consistent run with no hiccups fr and y’all 30-year-old plusss. I’m a yung n***a doing this sh*t since I came in the game I was in and out of jail! And y’all still ain’t really doing nun to where I gotta catch up!”

Nas’ brother Jungle also came to the rapper’s defense. He stepped into The Shade Room’s Instagram comment section and wrote, “@21savage is trash, glad Nas dropped KD3 so fans can hear real bars..21 can u do something for me???” 

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