3 Must-See Sights on a Botswana Safari


See the Small Town of Serowe on a Botswana Safari

This small, sprawling town makes a fantastic side trip to any Botswana safari holiday, and is a must-see destination to any visitor who wishes to learn more about Botswana’s culture and history. Serowe was the birthplace of Sir Seretse Khama, the first president and founding father of Botswana who famously returned to his homeland from his studies in the UK along with an English bride – much of the controversy caused by the interracial marriage that played out in the aftermath of this took place in Serowe. You can still visit the couple’s graves in the royal cemetery today. Serowe is the perfect destination to take it easy and enjoy a break from the wilderness of your Botswana safari adventure, and to just wonder around soaking up the atmosphere and the history.

The Okavango Delta

Generally renowned as housing one of Africa’s most breathtaking selections of wildlife as well as stunning scenery, the Okavango is the world’s only inland delta and a land of dramatic flood plains, palm-fringed islands and the mighty rushing river. If you possibly can, time your Botswana safari holiday with the Okavango’s annual flood, which arrives each May and makes this piece of land the destination of choice from mass migrations of animals from all over the Kalahari. The floods not only ensure that you’re guaranteed to good game viewing, but also create a stunning watery landscape in their own right, dotted with lily pads and ripe for bird watching.

The Kalahari

The Kalahari must be seen to be believed – it really is the jewel in Botswana’s crown. Luckily, as it covers an impressive 85% of the country’s land mass, it’s hardly difficult to find, and so is a must for any Botswana safari itinerary. Throw away any preconceived notions you had about deserts, as this is no dusty, barren landscape; instead a visit to the Kalahari will introduce you to rolling grasslands, luscious flood plains and a unique geography that will take your breath away, filled with sandy rock ridges, roaming herds of cattle and exotic flora. However, easy as it is the wax lyrical about the Kalahari’s environment, what really hits you is the sense of space, and the wide open, stretching sky just begging for some night time star gazing. Whilst you’re here, you can pay a cultural visit to the indigenous Bushmen who’ve lived on these plains for over 20,000 years – theirs is a fascinating way of life, and well worth trying to learn more about. Interacting with the locals is a valuable part of any Botswana safari holiday.

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