A Better Adobe Acrobat Alternative: UPDFThese days PDF formats have become tremendously trendy for sharing digital documents. You can use the format to store confidential information, notes, and much more. Due to the cruciality of PDF-based documents, it is necessary to have a PDF editor on your device to instantly edit a PDF document when needed.

In recent years, we have seen numerous PDF software that has made PDF editing way more accessible and more manageable. Among them, UPDF is highly popular. It has many unique and useful features that you can utilize to edit your PDF file in no time.

Why Do You Need a PDF Editor?

An efficient PDF editor is handy when it comes to dealing with PDF documents. You may need to edit the images and text or annotate them according to your preference. Without a PDF editor, all of it is impossible, which is why a competitive and highly efficient PDF software like UPDF is necessary.

There is other PDF software like Adobe Acrobat, but their functionalities are limited and pricy. For our users, we’ll share a comparison between UPDF and Adobe Acrobat to help you choose the best!

Here are some top reasons why UPDF becomes necessary for every PDF document user.

Taking Notes on PDF

While studying a PDF document, we love to underline and highlight the important points for reviewing. You cannot markup PDF document unless you have PDF software.

UPDF will also allow you to add sticky notes, shapes, signatures or stickers to your PDF file to jot down the important points for active recalling.

Making Changes on PDF like Word

Last-minute changes are inevitable, but if you don’t have a PDF editor, you won’t be able to edit the document’s text, image, links or watermarks. You may have to recreate the entire PDF file due to a small error.
Creating a Paperless Working Environment

By wasting paper, we are destroying the planet’s life through deforestation. However, if we minimize the use of paper, we will be able to save trees, which will contribute to the prevention of global warming.
What is the Best PDF Editor for All Devices?

If you want to know a top-notch PDF editor that can assist you with all PDF tasks, choose UPDF. It doesn’t claim that it is the best PDF software; instead, it proves it. UPDF has an interactive UI design along with advantageous features that provides the best services. Here’s what you can do with UPDF.

Read and Annotate PDF

Reading PDFs is the fundamental feature of UPDF that you would absolutely love. UPDF offers the user both single and double-page scrolling modes. Moreover, you can also utilize the multiple tabs-view options to view several files just like a browser. A navigation toolbar makes it easy to jump to the various PDF file sections, saving time and energy.

UPDF has plenty of annotation tools that you can use to annotate your PDF file. You can underline, strikethrough, highlight, and use a squiggly line on your text. With UPDF, you can add various shapes, stickers, stamps, and sticky notes, whenever you like.
All-in-One PDF Editor

We only think that PDF editing is limited to editing images and text. Well, that’s not the case with UPDF. You edit the watermark and create your own one for your PDF file. It also allows you t edit links, change the background, and more.

Wait, the list doesn’t end here! With UPDF, you can not only edit the existing text and images but also add new ones with your preferred style.

Organize PDF Pages

While creating a PDF file, making minor errors like changing the order of pages, deleting pages, etc., is natural. Fret not, as UPDF is here to save the day! You can reorder pages, crop, replace, replace, delete, and add new pages to your PDF file.
Convert PDF with OCR

PDF conversion is essential when you want to utilize other digital formats. By using OCR technology, you can convert image-based PDF files into editable text format without any trouble.

UPDF supports OCR technology conversion for over 14 various formats by recognizing 38 languages. Whether you want to convert it into a PowerPoint Presentation or a CSV format, you can easily convert it without any trouble.

Why is UPDF Better than Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat was one of the best PDF editors, but ten years back. The reason is that Adobe is still stuck to the functionality we loved at that time. However, with time everything has changed and has become modernized, which is why a competitive and modern too-based PDF software, like UPDF, is highly essential.

Here are some common reasons why people choose UPDF over Adobe Acrobat.
Features are Not Only the Same But Even Better!

Yes, UPDF and Adobe Acrobat have almost the same functionality. Adobe Acrobat supports many niche features for very professional users, but it requires intermediate tech knowledge to use Adobe Acrobat. With UPDF, you don’t even need that. UPDF is a user-friendly software that is very easy to use and saves you a lot of time.

Price is Nice

Despite the outdated and complex interface of Adobe Acrobat, the price is surprisingly high. Adobe Acrobat charges you $239.88 per year for its premium version. On the contrary, UPDF charges you eight times less than Adobe Acrobat, but the features are the same.

UPDF is Available Across All Platforms

Unlike Acrobat Standard, UPDF is available across all popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Plus, the best part is that you can use a single license across all platforms.

Frequent Updates Every Week

UPDF is always invested in providing the best experience for the user. You will get very responsive feedback, as UPDF’s developers are always on the round.
New Features Are Added to the System

In order to make it an ideal all-in-one PDF software, you’ll see new features added to the system. A few missing features that aren’t present in the software will be added in the next three months! Amazing, right?
Final Verdict

Nowadays, the ranking of Adobe Acrobat is getting low, which is why you might need an alternative PDF software. That’s why chose UPDF! It has a 53% discount offer, so be sure to check it out!


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