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Business Enabling Supply Chain Transformation Through Enterprise SaaS Platform With Embedded B2B BNPL and Insurance


Business Wire India seeks to interlink and impact enterprises, their business partners and financial institutions (FIs); orchestrating the whole business transaction on a single platform. Leveraging its SaaS technology platform, enables easy onboarding of distributors and suppliers onto an enterprise’s network. The company’s aim is to provide alternative means of capital to an enterprise’s channel partners, based on their financial and non-financial data.


This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: is transforming global B2B supply chain by making business transactions faster and easier (Photo: Business Wire)

On a macro level, this is the value that brings to the table for all its stakeholders.


The enterprise has access to distributor’s digital records at the click of a button, is able to review and onboard credit worthy partners, can commence billing as early as day one, be risk compliant and offboard partners in case of noncompliance. FIs benefit by getting partners who have long standing relationships with enterprises and are credit worthy thus, offering lesser default risk.


actyv Score is a dynamic number which depicts current and future potential of business partners and is a key input to the credit scoring and underwriting algorithms of FIs and insurance providers. It is a multi-dimensional score based on financial and nonfinancial data of business partners.


actyv Go enables enterprises to discover, select, appoint, renew, empower and offboard distributors on its technology platform in a faster and more transparent way.


actyv PayLater is a BNPL approach towards B2B payment enabling flow of information across board. With this, the bank would rely not only on its algorithm but also the consumer’s actyv Score to assess credit worthiness, in addition to tracking and reconciliation.


With actyv Insure, an enterprise can enjoy bite sized products which offer protection against business loss.


Aligned to Environmental Social Governance (ESG), is reducing paper usage by digitising processes. The company is addressing the challenge of responsible and sustainable credit for SMBs by enabling manageable interest rates for the supply chain. Every document submitted by distributors on the platform is validated at source, aiding fraud prevention. is in the process of transforming global B2B supply chain by making business transactions faster and easier through its AI-based offerings.




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