Akademiks is going into the weekend with a bang, Roomies! The DJ and media personality is known for his hot takes, and he found himself in the middle of multiple beefs on Friday afternoon.

Akademiks and radio personality Ebro, whose relationship has been on the rocks for some time, exchanged some heated words on Twitter after Ak accused the Hot97 host of blackballing Black hip-hop and rap artists on Apple Music.

Y’all artist who don’t get love at Apple music…its Ebro. I seen executive fumin cuz he blocking their artists cuz of personal vendetta…N*gga got a ego…if he don’t fw u or what u stand for…Apple Music especially hip-hop apple music won’t fw u. He the global head of dat sh*t.”

The beef seemingly started after Ebro mentioned Akademiks’ recent opinion about older hip-hop and rap artists being dusty, which prompted a response from LL Cool J. It’s unclear what Ebro shared on his show on Friday, but it’s obvious Big Ak wasn’t feeling it.

Ebro will never address me without admitting he was a fake a** n*gga..who tried to politic me out the game..cuz I fw a n*gga u wont fwit..u wasn’t dealin with with me at first..but now u got all the energy. Nah n*gga admit that then we can talk. I don’t talk bout u. Opposite.”

To which Ebro replied:

You’re drunk. I told people I had jobs for you. You’d rather be drunk and disrespectful to women and align with scumbags. Do you boo boo! @Akademiks”

The two exchanged a plethora of tweets before Ebro started to delete some of his posts, and Ak decided to pull the plug on his Twitter fingers.

Akademiks and Ebro’s tumultuous relationship dates back to 2020 after Peter Rosenberg called Ak a “talentless hack” on an episode of Ebro In The Morning.


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