Whew! Akademiks was the talk of the innanet on Wednesday after audio surfaced in which he made commentary about being intimate with underage girls. The short clip spread like wildfire, and Ak took to his own platform to give clarity about the comments he made nearly 10 years ago.

As we previously reported, in the audio, the DJ and media personality can be heard saying, “I will say I adopted this rule which I think is fine, I said listen, ‘As long as a chick got a college ID she’s getting f**ked. I don’t care if she 17, I don’t care if she 17 and a half, I don’t care if she just turned 17, she gon’ get this d*ck.’”

In a new stream on his YouTube channel, Akademiks said the comment is 8 years old and was taken out of context. The original conversation was in light of Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship at the time–Kylie was 17 and Tyga was 24. Ak proceeded to state people within that age range who are in college “don’t really see a difference” because it’s assumed they were all born around the same time.

What I was trynna say is that, either you’re 21 to 20 right, and someone’s like 17. This is only in the college dynamic right, because they put four years of kids together just like they do in high school. I said, ‘Usually, there’s not much of a difference.’ Like when you’re in college, you don’t really see the difference, and I still believe that.


He went on to explain that while his commentary sounded “wild,” he was not trying to promote dating underage girls. Instead, he was pointing out that students feel comfortable dating regardless if they know a person’s age, so long as they attend the same school.

I say that because you don’t ask for age bro. In college and high school, you don’t ask for age bro. I’m telling you, you don’t ask for age. You might ask somebody if they’re a freshman, but as long as they go to your school bro you do not ask. It’s not that you want anybody underage, you just assume. So, that’s what I’m saying.  if it ends up being that, t’s like yeah that’s not what you wanted to do type sh*t. But it’s like, I don’t look at it like somebody deliberately looking for kids.”

Check out Akademiks’ full explanation below:

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