On the heels of Gunna pleading guilty to racketeering charges and being released from custody, the streets are speculating about whether he snitched. However, Angela Yee is stepping in and letting be known that she’s standing by Gunna.

As The Shade Room previously reported, the update to Gunna’s long-drawn-out legal situation came on Wednesday. The “pushin P” artist pleaded guilty to charges related to racketeering and gang activity.

He was hit with a five-year sentence, with one year to be served behind bars. However, thanks to time served, he won’t have to return to prison, and he can knock out his remaining sentence through activities like community service.

Shortly after the news broke, video footage of Gunna leaving custody—as well him agreeing to statements regarding YSL being “a music label and a gang”—started circulating.

Social Media Is Torn Over The Matter

People swiftly began buzzing about the situation, and speculation regarding whether Gunna snitched took center stage.

Angela Yee Attempts To Shut Down The Speculation

In response to the situation picking up traction, Angela Yee addressed it during a discussion with TMZ.

Angela declared that she “wouldn’t say that [Gunna’s a snitch]” and shared her stance on the conversation.

“I think people are quick to just jump to any assumption…We’re not lawyers. Everybody becomes a legal expert whenever something happens.”

However, she added that she understands people wanting to express their opinions on the matter.

“The internet is the place where people like to make jokes. For them, this is real life seriousness, but I know people want to weigh in.”

Angela also noted that she thinks Young Thug would’ve wanted Gunna to do what he had to do to get himself out.

Gunna’s Lawyer & Lil Duval Also Slammed The Snitching Allegations

Gunna himself has claimed that he didn’t snitch or cooperate, and these statements were supported by his attorney, who posted a statement on Instagram. He also noted that Gunna’s plea statement “cannot be used in court against any other defendant.”

Lil Duval also chimed in to add that, unless Young Thug, says Gunna snitched, critics should bite their tongues.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, we have to add that Boosie thought Gunna did Thug dirty.

Gunna Isn’t The Only YSL Associate Who Copped A Plea Deal

It’s also worth adding that Gunna isn’t alone, as Walter Murphy, the alleged co-founder of YSL, also took a plea.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Walter pleaded guilty on Wednesday. He was sentenced to 10 years, though—like Gunna—he had one of these years commuted. For the remaining nine years, he’ll be on probation.

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