Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac which is well-known for its Dirac Live Room Correction Software for home theater applications (Arcam AVRs, Dynaudio Focus Wireless Speakers) as well as it’s Opteo and Virtuo solutions for optimizing car audio performance, has introduced an updated version of its Dirac Virtuo automotive solution. The update now features upmixer technology, multichannel content support, and the Intelligent Audio Platform to further elevate immersive automotive audio performance. 

Dirac Automotive Dashboard

Dirac Virtuo Key Features

In-Car Sound Optimization: Similar to Dirac Live for the home environment, Dirac Virtuo is designed to provide a reduction in car cabin-induced sound coloration, contributing to better loudspeaker performance.

Soundstage Widening: Dirac Virtuo is designed to deliver a wider front stage, without necessarily needing separate door speakers.

Target Sound Management: Virtuo is optimized to provide a natural and consistent listening experience from seat to seat.

Center Image Optimization: Dirac Virtuo provides improved sound imaging and localization by providing a stable phantom center channel for every listener in the vehicle.

Surround Sound: Dirac Virtuo is designed to deliver an immersive surround sound experience with a very small DSP (Digital Sound Processing) footprint.

Upmixer Technology: This feature expands any stereo content into flexible, customizable immersive listening experiences, free from artifacts and without requiring any hardware upgrades. Unlike similar upmixing solutions, audible distortion and artifacts that are not present in the original content are not added providing a more accurate, natural, immersive sound listening experience. 

Multichannel Content Support: This feature ensures the faithful reproduction of content from whatever source whether stereo or multichannel so that it retains optimal quality despite the acoustic limitations of an in-car environment.

Intelligent Audio Platform for Automotive: This is a software-based system for developing automotive audio applications. It is modular, scalable, and customizable. It is included with Dirac Virtuo so that manufacturers can easily develop, optimize, and integrate Dirac Virtuo features into their entire vehicle line-up.

Some of the tools provided include:

  • Frequency response correction
  • Impulse response correction
  • Soundfield control
  • Virtual speakers
  • Bass control
  • Bass extension
  • Dynamic range processing
  • Support for unconventional speaker layouts
  • Theater modes and room transformation
  • Consistent experience across seats (minimizing seat to seat variations)

Dirac Intelligent Audio Platform Explanation Video

Dirac’s automotive audio solutions are currently used by Rolls Royce, Volvo, Polestar, BMW, BYD, and others.

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The updated Dirac Virtuo solution is making its official debut at the AES Automotive Audio Conference 2022, June 8-10, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan.


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