Things got heated on live earlier when Bishop Lamor Whitehead addressed Larry Reid and Pastor Geneses Warren after he says they were laughing at the unfortunate incident that took place at his church over the weekend.

As previously reported, there was an armed robbery that occurred during his service, and the whole incident was caught during a live stream. Bishop Whitehead explained that the men robbed him, his wife, and possibly churchgoers of $400K worth of valuable jewelry. Nonetheless, he reassured his supporters that he was not scared after the incident, however, the women of the church were scared after the incident.

On Monday, entertainment host Larry Reid took to his live on Instagram, and he was joined by Pastor Geneses Warren, and they discussed the incident. Larry also spoke about his personal interactions with Bishop Whitehead and not being a fan of some of his past comments. He also shared that in the past, he questioned where Bishop Whitehead gets his money and that when he heard of the robbery at his church, he decided to share the video.

Bishop Whitehead then joined them on live, and immediately let it be known that he had a problem with them turning the incident that occurred at his church into a laughing stock.

Bishop said to Larry, “I gave you nothing but respect and nothing but honor when I met you. I treated you with nothing but respect, nothing but with straight integrity.”

Things got heated to the point that Bishop Whitehead said to Pastor Geneses Warren, “I don’t even know you, you’re trying to include yourself into this, you need to go get some weight loss if you want to sit here and laugh about what happened in my church, we got armed robbed, you’re fat.”


Check out the full exchange below:



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