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Blamin’ Biden continues to point fingers while Americans suffer


Posted On June 17, 2022

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Biden plays the inflation blame game while Americans continue to lose

Joe Biden is a senior citizen who only had to take one year of high school mathematics.

When Biden talks about inflation, reasons we’re at 40-year highs and how to bring it down, most Americans see right through it.

In a speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Biden blasted congressional Republicans for record-high inflation.

Speaking to the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations, Biden said his economic strategy – which depends on huge government spending – would help lower inflation and that Republican resistance of that agenda is to blame for the present economic situation.

“Under my economic strategy, we made amazing progress and put the economy on a solid footing.”

Meanwhile, regular Americans are struggling to afford $5/gallon gas and more expensive groceries, while many parents can’t find formula for their babies.

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Rebecca Horvath
Rebecca Horvath is an editor and writer for NRN. For nearly a decade, Horvath wrote a regular Community Voices column for the Johnson City Press, where she was known to ruffle a few feathers. In 2018, she began writing for the National Federation of Republican Women, interviewing and profiling candidates such as Sen. Martha McSally and Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith. Horvath also contributes to


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