Alexa play, “Crazy in love.” When it comes to Chrisean Rock, she’s gonna do anything to keep her man. The Baltimore native took to her Instagram to share that she removed her recently implanted tooth, all for the love of Blueface.  While unscrewing her tooth she said,

“I did it for you Blue. I took my tooth out.” She captioned the video, “Took it out for you daddy. All I had to do was unscrew it.”

Shortly after Chrisean removed her tooth, she popped up in Dr. Trevor Thomas’ office. While sitting next to the celebrity dentist, she stated she was putting the tooth back in but with a twist. Chrisean told the doctor she wanted him to put her tooth back in with Blue’s face on it.

It wasn’t too long for the ‘Thotiana’ rapper to share his thoughts on the issue. The rapper seemed to be amused by Chrisean’s actions. He also shared a video on Instagram saying,

“That’s my girl Rock Rock. Gone head and bring me that tooth baby. Bring that tooth home baby.” He added,  “We’re going to put it under the pillow and we’re going to make $150,000.”

If you’re wondering what made Chrisean take her tooth out in the first place, it has to do with the item’s previous drama. Last week Blue blocked Chrisean after being in a section with Fivio Foreign. Upon returning from Dubai, the rapper claimed she’s been one since she got the tooth. On Sunday she let him know she would remove it for him.

Over 40,000 Roommates commented on the situation, but we wanna know from you, would you ever remove a tooth to get back in your lover’s good graces?


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