In light of some high-profile legal matters in the hip hop community, Bobby Shmurda is proclaiming that he wants to distance himself from the “rapper” label.

He Says Rappers Have A Big Target On Their Backs

His commentary came during an Instagram Live on Christmas Eve, and it began with him outright saying, “I don’t want to be named as a rapper no more.”

Bobby elaborated, adding that rapping just gets people into sticky situations. Notably, he also used Tory Lanez as an example, as he announced that “what they just did” to the rapper “is nasty.”

“It’s like when you do that rapper s**t, n***as try to come for that light. It’s just nasty, like these labels is nasty. Look at what they just did to Tory. That s**t is nasty, my n***a. That s**t is nasty.”

He then appeared to bash fellow artists who supported Tory being found guilty on all charges in the Megan Thee Stallion assault trial, as The Shade Room previously reported. Specifically, Shmurda said these rappers are “playing dress up” and aren’t truly about the “lifestyle” they portray in their songs.

“Then the whole rap community that’s f**king supporting these n***as, y’all n***as is disgusting, my n***a. ‘Cause these the same people that [are] saying that they live our lifestyle, that they came from our lifestyle. These motherf**kers is out here playing dress up right now. These n***as playing dress up from left to right. I ain’t even get out of my bed today. That s**t f**ked me up.”

In addition to Tory, Bobby then proceeded to bring up Young Thug and Casanova—two rappers who were hit with RICO charges—to make a point about how authorities are “trying to lock up every f**king body.”

“Tory, Young Thug, [Casanova], y’all n***as trying to lock up every f**king body, bro. I don’t want to be a rapper, bro. I don’t even want to be a rapper. This s**t not even funny, this s**t is crazy, bro.”

Bobby Shmurda Says Industry ‘Rats’ Have To Own Their Ish

He then switched gears and returned to bashing other rappers, saying that—in light of recent developments—he’s convinced many of them are truly “rats” and “informants.”

While he didn’t name-drop anyone in particular, the timing of his commentary—along with him calling out “hot girl[s]”—suggests it may have something to do with Megan.

We should also note that Gunna was hit with snitching accusations after he accepted a plea deal.

“I don’t wanna hear no rapper talking no crazy s**t about no savage lifestyle, hot girl/hot boy. Y’all n***as is rats. Y’all n***as is informants… Y’all make informant music.”

He then implored “rats” in the industry to “make snitch music” in an effort to be more honest with listeners, suggesting that he’s over the perceived disconnect between artists’ music and their true values. Bobby even compared rappers to actors in the sense that it’s all about putting on a persona for entertainment.

“Y’all n***as need to make snitch music. Like, let us know what y’all about. Don’t lie to people…It’s an industry. It’s like acting—it’s like playing dress up.”

What do you think about Bobby Shmurda’s comments on the current state of the rap game?


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