Maintaining top business form as the company approaches the third anniversary of its incorporation, Booming Bulls Academy, is all set to open the doors of its newest hybrid centres at Bengaluru, Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad and Gurugram in the month of November, 2022, taking its total tally of hybrid centres to eight!

Going from Strength to Strength

Like most start-ups in the edtech sector, Booming Bulls Academy was conceived of by its three founders, Anish Singh Thakur, Saurabh Khaspuri and Abhirup Sekhri, as a solution to a long-existing problem, in this case, the lack of proper instruction and training when it came to stock market education and trading. However, unlike most edtech start-ups in the current economic environment, Booming Bulls Academy, continues to expand its operations along with fresh hiring.

The Future is Hybrid

A dark cloud looms over the edtech sector as giants such as Byju’s, Unacademy and Vedantu, lay off thousands of employees. However, to say that the edtech sector, as a whole, might be facing redundancy would be erroneous at best and foolhardy at worst. The hybrid educational model, that is, a combination of online instruction along with traditional classroom training is here to stay. It is an established fact that the pandemic did speed up the adoption of online learning but far from being a short-lived fad serving pandemic educational needs, experts feel that hybrid education will become the mainstay of education in the future.

Aim to Cover the Whole Country

There was a time when the company’s CEO, Anish Singh Thakur, was himself in the plight of most students seeking to gain meaningful education in trading only to be confused and disappointed. After having spent lakhs of rupees enrolling in half-baked and sometimes outrightly futile stock market courses, Anish decided to take matters into his own hands. Through arduous, self-study and training under some of the top names in the field such as Dr CK Narayan, Anish devised a course that could not only teach the students the theoretical aspects of the stock market but also guide them through their own trading journey through actual practice and reliance on technical analysis.

The three founders have vowed to cover the entire expanse of the country by means of hybrid centres so that the students across India not only have access to standard, fruitful stock market education but can also readily approach well-trained educators and guides as they successfully make their way through the stock market.

Learned Teachers, Dynamic Course, & Hi-tech Infra

Education and the means of instruction in the Information Age must keep on evolving lest they run the risk of becoming redundant. This fact is truer of the stock market than of any other sector. The stock market itself is a hyper-dynamic field and in order for an institution and an educator to contribute meaningfully to its education, they must constantly innovate. This drive for constant innovation is why the company’s CEO, Anish Singh Thakur, is trusted by millions when it comes to his teachings.

It is through Anish’s personal engagement with the stock market as a trader himself and his regularly evolving strategies that he then shares with his students that Booming Bulls Academy’s pupils have managed to make sense of the hitherto esoteric stock market and several them even becoming successful and profitable traders themselves.

Another praise-worthy aspect of the institute is a number of its former students returning to its various hybrid centres as educators. The company is very particular about the quality of instructors it hires and considers it a matter of pride to have former students return as potential educators so that the wheel of knowledge never stops turning.

Bigger & Better

As the number of students, teachers and hybrid centres under Booming Bulls Academy continues to swell, the vision of its founders and top management remains unchanged, i.e., to educate and guide as many young Indians as possible so as to make successful engagement in the stock market and consequential financial security a reality. From the looks of it, the company seems to be charging ahead in the right direction.

The stock market, with all its recent highs and lows, remains an arena of great potential earnings and profits. Booming Bulls Academy, as a frontrunner in the field of stock market training, remains firmly optimistic about the future course of the Indian stock market and the role that it will continue to play in helping not just corporations but also regular people in multiplying their income.

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