When it comes to defending women, best believe Boosie will do that! Earlier today, a video outside of what appeared to be a hotel captured Boosie calling out a man who was disrespecting a woman. Boosie could be heard telling the unidentified man, “You ain’t gonna talk to her like that. I will beat your a**!!! You ain’t gonna disrespect no woman like that.” He continued, “Everybody is saying they’re sorry. Let her go.”

Boosie addressed the video on Twitter, writing, “The reason I told that man that because he backed a woman down until she could do nothing. He kept approaching her after she said sorry. Then he said no, you go apologize to my wife too.” He added, “he was doing the most. Don’t let the video fool you.”

Over 15,000 Roommates commented praising Boosie for standing up for the woman, but his friend in the background was prepared for anything that had people intrigued! Queen Naija’s boyfriend, Clarence, stepped in and commented, “Ninja in the back is just waiting for the green light, lmao.” Lil Mama also stepped in writing, “Boosie Mans That Rotated his Shoulder Was On Go.”

The Baton Rouge native is always doing something to have folks talking. On Thursday, a video of him falling into a lake had people weak! In the video, the rapper, a woman was twerking on him, and sis was “th th th th thick.” Every time she continued to dance on Boosie, he slid closer and closer to the edge, which caused him to fall into the brown water.

Roommates, do you think more people should stick up for women being disrespected?

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