• Boots Marketplace, due to launch in Spring 2023, will extend the range of boots.com – the UK’s most visited health and beauty website – even further
  • Its new marketplace will give customers access to even more brands and products and give suppliers of all sizes opportunity to reach Boots customers.

Boots, a leading UK health and beauty retailer, will launch a new online marketplace welcoming third-party brands into its digital offering and extend the range of products available on boots.com. 

Due to launch in Spring 2023, Boots Marketplace will allow brands of any size to seamlessly list their products[1] on boots.com, accessing the sites’ millions of monthly visitors. The new offering is part of Boots’ ongoing digital strategy to rapidly extend the range of the UK’s most visited health and beauty website and explore new and diverse categories for its customers. 

Marketplace products will be seamlessly integrated with the existing product range on boots.com, offering customers access to hundreds of new brands across established names and new sellers. Powered by Mirakl – the industry’s first and most advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform – customers will still enjoy a single checkout for mixed baskets and access to all of the benefits of shopping with Boots – including Boots Advantage Card points.  New and emerging brands will benefit from Boots’ reputation as one of the most trusted and respected brands in the UK, and the potential for future store listings.  

Paula Bobbett, Chief Digital Officer at Boots, said: “Marketplace is the exciting next step in our digital transformation programme. We’re approaching this new opportunity for Boots with a deep understanding of our customers and the health, beauty and wellness products that they want to buy, and helps us to work with new smaller and entrepreneurial brands. Marketplace will allow us to build on the strength of our existing business to offer an even bigger range of choice for consumers and be the first to market with emerging brands and new products.”

Since 2020, Boots has launched around 70 new and cult beauty brands, including Elemis, which landed in 10 stores and on boots.com last week, as well as smaller up and coming brands. Marketplace will give customers access to even more brands and products and give suppliers of all sizes an opportunity to reach Boots customers.

Sophie Marchessou, Executive Vice President, Customer Success, Mirakl, said: “Boots is a heritage brand loved and trusted by British consumers, and in launching its new marketplace it is delivering on its promise to deliver customers more of the products they want, from a carefully curated selection of third-party suppliers that meet the company’s extremely high-quality standards. As Mirakl continues to power the marketplaces of some of the UK’s biggest brands, we are delighted to be working with Boots, a champion of British retail.”

Brands can register their interest and find more information here: boots-uk.com/suppliers

 [1] Boots Marketplace operates an invitation only policy whereby any product ranges submitted are reviewed internally and agreed before prior to listing

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