The trial for Brittney Griner in Russia continues, and on Wednesday, the WNBA star revealed some details about what happened the day of her detainment, which took place back in February.

According to the Associated Press, Brittney testified that she was provided with a language interpreter while being detained, however, the interpreter only translated a portion of what was being said to her while she was held for questioning. She also shared that she was not provided with an explanation of her rights nor a lawyer, and she was instructed to sign documents without receiving an explanation of what she was signing.

By now, you all know that Brittney is being held after she was accused of having vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her luggage. Earlier this month she plead guilty to the drug charges but denied that she had intentions of breaking the law.

During Wednesday’s testimony, Brittney described the 13-hour flight she had to travel to Moscow, Russia from Arizona after recovering from COVID-19. Brittney maintains that she doesn’t know how cannabis oil ended up in her bag when she attempted to leave Russia, but suggested it could have ended up there because she had packed her luggage in a hurry.

As previously reported, Brittney’s attorney shared with the court earlier this month, a note from a U.S. doctor, showing that it was recommended she use cannabis to treat pain. During her testimony, Brittney shared that she suffers from the pain she has gotten from injuries that were sustained due to her playing basketball. She had been in Russia playing basketball during the WNBA’s off-season.

She explained that cannabis oil is often used in the U.S. for medical reasons and has a less harsh effect than painkillers.

Last week, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson explained that although cannabis has been legalized in the U.S. for medical and recreational purposes, that does not hold any stance in Russia.




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