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Bryston Will Restore Your Vintage Amplifier With New Program


Bryston, a leading manufacturer of high-end audio electronics and loudspeakers, has announced a Back to the Future vintage product restoration service. We’re rather excited to see this from a brand like Bryston because it shows that high-end companies are very aware of a growing trend; the renewed interest in vintage audio components in response to the rather high prices of new high-end audio equipment.

Bryston power amplifiers are renown for their longevity and reliability and this makes buying a used model with some miles on it less of a financial risk; as long as the company is still in business, you are less likely to get stuck with a lemon.

Bryston amplifiers also deliver excellent sound quality and this is one of the oldest Canadian high-end brands around; PSB, Classe Audio, Bryston, Meitner, and Paradigm still manufacture some of the best audio components in the world.

From Bryston CEO James Tanner: “Because we have such a large number of beautifully designed and manufactured amplifiers out there that have been in use for as many as four-plus decades, we felt that offering these restoration service options to our customers was important…We have built our brand based largely upon a reputation for audio products that deliver outstanding performance and durability—this program certainly reinforces Bryston’s commitment to quality and service.” 

Bryston 4B Cubed Pro Amplifier

The “Back to the Future” program offers three basic tiers of restoration services that can be purchased individually or combined. Prices below include shipping to and from Bryston (within North America) which is based in Ontario.

  • TIER 1  –  ELECTRICAL ($1,000.00 USD): Bryston will do a complete check out of all electrical and mechanical functions and replacement of appropriate parts if needed
  • TIER 2 – COSMETIC ($600.00 USD): The Bryston cosmetic upgrade includes a reworked faceplate, top, and handles. This also involves a total refinishing of the current hardware on your vintage amplifier.
    • Note: Dents, imperfections, bends, etc. will be repaired if possible, but Tier 2 doesn’t include chassis, back-panel, or heatsink repair/replacement. 
  • TIER 3 – OUTPUT DEVICES ($400.00 USD): Bryston will replace the output power transistors and replace them with the most recent applicable power devices.

Tip: For more details on how the restoration might apply to your Bryston product, contact David Nelson at:

Who is Bryston?

Bryston Headquarters

Bryston began designing and manufacturing audio amplification products in the early 1970s. Since that time, Bryston has become well-known for hand-built quality, superb performance, and dependability, utilizing precision manufacturing techniques and materials more typically found in military and aerospace applications.

Bryston amplifiers have been selected by some of the most renowned recording studios and discerning music professionals. 

In 2021 Bryston was acquired by James Tanner in partnership with Colquhoun Audio. Bryston has expanded its Canadian-based manufacturing capabilities with locations in both Peterborough and Dwight, Ontario. Bryston products are sold through authorized residential and commercial A/V dealers worldwide.

Current model Bryston 4B3 Amplifier

Other Audio Equipment Restoration Servies

If you don’t have a Bryston amplifier, you might be able to get your vintage gear repaired or restored via other services in your local area

However, before you commit, make sure you contact any facility on the list directly and ask questions regarding your specific needs as not all facilities might be familiar or have worked with your specific brand/model. 

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Conrad-Johnson, which is based in Virginia, has offered this service for a few decades so it’s good to see another legacy brand offer something similar.

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