As the tragic snowstorm that recently barraged western New York continues to make headlines, we have to acknowledge how Sha’Kyra Aughtry’s heroic actions helped keep one vulnerable man alive.

Sha’Kyra’s Facebook Live: ‘We Gotta Figure This Out As A Community’

While going live on Facebook, Sha’Kyra filled viewers in on how she had been caring for a 64-year-old frostbitten man named Joey, who was described as being disabled, after finding him out in the snow. She shared that she discovered him at 6:37 a.m. on Christmas Eve after hearing him crying for help, and she needed assistance with getting him to the hospital.

“Y’all need to come and get him. I don’t care who comes to get him, but y’all need to get this man some help…This ain’t a situation I can manage any longer.”

She emphasized that, in spite of the conditions, the community had to come together and help Joey.

“I just need about 10 people who can carry him…We gotta figure this out as a community. I can’t do no more. I can’t have this man lose his life in my house. I’ve done everything that I can do. This man needs help.”

Sha’Kyra continued imploring community members to share her plea and help get the man medical attention, and that’s exactly what happened.

Good Samaritans Come Through & Offer Assistance

Less than a hour after her first Facebook Live, Sha’Kyra provided an update. Numerous community members plowed through the snow to reach Joey, and Sha’Kyra was right by his  side on the drive to the hospital.

We should also add that the story was broken down in a play-by-play Twitter thread, which you can peep down below.

Sha’Kyra Aughtry Says She Was Only ‘Paying It Forward’

With Joey recovering in the intensive care unit, his sister—Yvonne White—and Sha’Kyra joined CNN to further reflect on the situation.

Yvonne expressed how grateful she was for Sha’Kyra intervening to help save Joey. She also beamed about how Sha’Kyra, a total stranger, showed such compassion for Joey during his time of need.

In turn, Sha’Kyra expressed that she was only “paying it forward,” as she was raised to do.

“My family always taught me to have compassion, and that’s what I did. I just had to jump in and do what I could do.”

Shoutout to Sha’Kyra Aughtry and the selfless members of the Buffalo community who helped save Joey’s life.


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