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Can The Theory Audio Design iC6 Pendant Loudspeakers Make Dolby Atmos An Easier Sell?

Can CI products like the Theory Audio Design iC6 Pendant Loudspeakers help get more people off the fence when it comes to Dolby Atmos?

In-ceiling loudspeakers have always been very popular with interior decorators and custom integrators because they are invisible and an easy sell when doing retrofits or new home construction.

The mice are furiously typing away to make me aware that the iC6 pendants are not in-ceiling loudspeakers. Actually — they are but in a different format.

Architectural loudspeakers have made some impressive strides in recent years and it is no longer a question if they are good enough to replace bookshelf or floor standing loudspeakers in 2-channel, home theater, or multi-room systems.

So how does that help sell more Dolby Atmos systems?

The problem with Dolby Atmos is that soundbars with “virtual” applications of the surround format have actually cheapened its appeal and what makes it so unique.

Consumers are actually less willing in 2022 to punch holes in their ceilings for it because they can get it from a $700 soundbar with either 2 1-inch upward firing drivers or a virtual simulation of it using software.

Having experienced hours of listening time during multiple private demonstrations in one of Dolby’s private movie theaters offering 32 channels of Atmos — there are very few nice things I can say about the implementation of it in the soundbars being sold at Best Buy.

One can totally understand the reluctance to punch 4 holes in the living room ceiling (assuming you even have the room for it), but if you want to truly experience Dolby Atmos for what it can sound like — a cheap plastic loudspeaker isn’t the way to go.

But why pendant loudspeakers?

Being married to an industrial designer, my life involves a lot of furniture trade shows because that’s where she earned her stripes. We also visit 3-4 furniture and lighting stores each month for inspiration regarding our own home.

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Pendant lighting is everywhere.

IKEA, CB2, West Elm, Room & Board, Crate and Barrel, Target, FLOS, and many other boutique vendors where I have to sit in the car because I have a bad habit of touching things.

Our existing dining room chandelier is being replaced with 6 smaller pendant lights because how they project light is more visually appealing.

Why couldn’t two of those be pendant loudspeakers?

If you have the ceiling height in a great room or den — 2 pendant loudspeakers (or even 4) would negate having to punch holes in the ceiling and most likely improve the impact of Dolby Atmos in your space.

Food for thought.

The ic6 and matching accessories take Theory beyond the walls of the media room with premium architectural solutions for surround sound, distributed audio, outdoor, and commercial installations.

The new custom installation solutions provide dealers, integrators, architects, and designers with a premium audio option that is ideal for residential or commercial installations, surround sound or distributed audio, and even outdoors when paired with Theory’s optional all-weather grille.

The ic6 can also be installed in open-ceiling and exposed environments when integrated into one of Theory’s pendant housings. Available in a paintable matte white or matte black (available with matching black grille) and gloss black (available soon), Theory’s pendant housings allow the ic6 to seamlessly blend into any décor.

Theory’s new in-ceiling loudspeakers offer a maximum output of 112dB thanks to the advanced polymer compression drivers and 6-inch carbon fiber woofer.

For large, distributed installs, the ic6 includes a switch-selectable 70V/100v transformer that can be driven direct by Theory’s new DLC-250.4 4-channel Distribution Loudspeaker Controllers.

For commercial installations, the ic6 is UL-certified for fire signaling and for use in air-handling spaces.

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