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Category: Technology


WTF is a Subwoofer? – 

In order to experience great sound in a speaker setup, you need speaker drivers that provide clarity, depth, and the ability to provide a full range of audio frequencies. Tweeters are designed to handle high frequencies, the Midrange driver handles the frequencies associated with vocals,…


Craft Recordings is “Cookin’ With Jaws And The Queen & The Legendary Prestige Cookbook” Albums 

Craft Recordings is celebrating the centennial of Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis with a brand-new, four-album collection, featuring the tenor saxophonist’s incendiary 1958 Cookbook albums with organist Shirley Scott. Set for release on February 3, 2023 in 180-gram vinyl 4-LP, 4-CD, and digital configurations, Cookin’ with Jaws and the Queen: The Legendary Prestige Cookbook Albums compiles four classic…