UST projectors have become one of the fastest growing categories in consumer A/V and 2022 proved to be a breakthrough year for the segment with retailers struggling to keep up with demand. Hisense has been a strong player since the very beginning with some excellent products and it would appear that they plan on expanding their lineup in 2023 in a very significant way.

Hisense announced 4 new UST products today at CES 2023; two Laser TVs and two Laser Cinemas — both of which are also known as ultra-short throw projectors. The delineation between the two lines has to do with whether a screen is included.

Laser TVs come with a screen. Laser Cinemas do not. All 4 models are 4K pixel-shifting UST projectors.

2023 also looks like the year that 8K Laser TVs will be forthcoming from Hisense, but they were rather scant with the details during the press conference. We have reached out to them for more details on what could be a category leading UST in Q4 2023.

The four new Hisense UST models for 2023 include the:

  • L9H TriChroma Laser TV (replaces L9G from 2021)
  • PX2-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema 9 (replaces PX1-PRO from 2022)
  • L5H Laser TV (replaces L5G from 2022)
  • PL1 Laser Cinema

Hisense has not provided pricing yet, but based on previous models, the listing above is ranked by price and performance (highest on top).

L9H TriChroma Laser TV

2023 Hisense L9H Laser TV

The 2023 Hisense L9H TriChroma Laser TV features a triple-laser light engine that can reach 107% of the BT.2020 color space, which the company claims is the highest and best performance on the market. In addition, the L9H features 3000 ANSI lumens of brightness and HDR10 support; the unit also supports Dolby Vision and it will be interesting to see how the new unit compares to the L9G from 2021 which tested rather well.

The L9H is powered by Google TV which offers support for a wide range of streaming apps including Netflix; something that was not a strength in the previous model.

Support for WiFi 6e is new in 2023, along with NEXTGEN TV for watching 4K over-the-air broadcasts.

Additionally, support for Apple Airplay 2 allows for easy casting of content from iOS mobile devices to the screen, and ultra-high speed HDMI ports deliver greater resolution and streaming quality to any connected device.

L9H also features a new, high-gain ALR screen that brings a vibrant, crystal-clear picture in any light conditions, making it the perfect addition to any room. The new ALR screen’s easy image calibration and newly designed frame for a seamless and more intuitive installation process ensure a faster setup than ever before.

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The L9H comes in either 100” or 120” screen sizes.

L5H Laser TV

Hisense L5H Laser TV

As the step-down model, the L5H sheds the triple-laser light engine in favor of a single X-Fusion blue laser light source to hit a lower price point. Otherwise, features are very similar. It also ships with a high-gain ALR screen designed to operate in all lighting conditions — including broad daylight. Features like FilmMaker mode, a Google TV upgrade, the addition of Netflix, NEXTGEN TV and Airplay 2 bring endless content options. With WiFi 6e and ultra high-speed HDMI ports, streaming is optimized for every type of content.

Audio is handled via the 40-watt internal speaker system said to support Dolby Atmos for immersive, spatial sound, auto low latency mode, and eARC.

The L5H will be available with either a 100” or 120” screen.

PX2-PRO TriChroma Laser Cinema

The 2023 Hisense PX2-PRO shares a lot of capabilities of the L9H, but doesn’t come with a screen. So it could be an option for people that already have a screen, or those looking to upgrade their home theater.

The PX2-PRO optics are slightly different allowing it to display images from 90″ to 130″ diagonal. It boasts 2400 ANSI lumens peak brightness and supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10.

With the addition of Google TV, ultra-high speed HDMI ports and Airplay 2, the PX2-PRO offers a wide range of streaming content and connectivity options.

PL1 Laser Cinema

2023 Hisense PL1 Laser Cinema

Hisense’s new PL1 Laser Cinema will be the least expensive of the four models for 2023 and could be considered a starter UST. Although it doesn’t come with a screen, its auto-focus, adjustable lens allows it to support 80″ to 120″ screen sizes at 4K resolution.

The PL1 is capable of 2100 ANSI lumens and uses a single X-Fusion Laser Light Source. Both Blue Laser and Phosphor Color Filter Lasers create a bright, sharp picture.

Like all other 2023 Hisense UST projectors, the PL1 is powered by the Google TV platform for a plethora of streaming options.

Tip: The PL1 may also be named the PL1H in select markets.

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