In the world of TV manufacturing, it’s not exactly an industry secret that a select group of companies manufacture the majority of the panels and physical TVs that you find at your local Best Buy or on Amazon. LG Display supplies millions of panels to other brands; in case you thought otherwise. Roku’s TVs have fallen into that category over the past few years — but all of that is going to change. Roku’s Select and Plus Series TVs will now be designed and manufactured by the company in its own facilities.

The new Roku-branded TVs underline the company’s commitment to delivering a great streaming experience at an accessible price, made by the people who pioneered TV streaming.

Additionally, Roku-branded TVs will enable further innovation for consumers and around the entire TV experience, as all innovations will be made available to the full Roku TV program – inclusive of all current and future TV OEM partners. 

2023 Roku Select Series TV Front
2023 Roku Select Series TV

Additionally, Roku Plus Series TVs will have local dimming. All HD and Select 4K Series offerings will include Roku Voice Remotes, while all Plus Series TVs will come with Roku Voice Remote Pros, providing access to fan favorites like Find My Remote and Private Listening. 

Roku-branded TVs will also offer an expanded audio ecosystem, using the all-new Roku TV Wireless Soundbar and more, to make home theater set-up simple and wire-free. 

Roku’s audio and wireless technology allows Roku TV models advanced capabilities including wireless stereo on Roku Select TVs and wireless surround for Roku Plus TVs.

2023 Roku Plus Series TV Lifestyle
2023 Roku Plus Series TV

Roku also announced a new, premium OLED TV reference design, available to all Roku TV partners. This reference design will combine the excellent picture quality, contrast, and wide viewing angles that comes with OLED with the #1 selling smart TV OS in the US. 

We plan on checking out Roku’s new TVs and products at the CES 2023 and will update this story with any new images or details.

Price & Availability

Available in Spring 2023, Roku’s Select and Plus Series TVs will be available in 11 models with retail prices from $119 to $999 and screen sizes from 24” to 75” available in HD and 4K.

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