At CES 2023, Samsung is introducing second generation models of The Freestyle and The Premiere, both of which break new ground in their respective projector classes.

The Freestyle is Samsung’s affordable projector that is portable, easy to use, and fun to watch. In 2023, you can literally double them up to create an ultra-wide image.

In the very popular ultra-short throw projector category, The Premiere by Samsung will be the first UST projector in 2023 to achieve 8K resolution, thanks to a new DLP chip that’s double the size diagonally.

The Freestyle Projector (2nd Generation)

Building on the last year’s product introduction, the Freestyle for 2023 (pictured above) combines the power of Samsung’s smart TV platform with a portable and interactive entertainment projector. 

Designed to blend into homes, offices, and art galleries, the Freestyle has also been re-engineered to address new use cases, including real-world metaverse applications. 

Expanding the visual canvas across large or multiple walls, new Edge Blending technology enables two Freestyles to synchronize their projections into one ultra-wide, immersive display. The Samsung-patented Edge Blending technology automatically keystones and adjusts the picture to deliver an even more immersive cinematic experience.

With a triple-laser light source, the Freestyle displays bright, vivid colors, while Auto Focus optimizes content, so you can project beautiful video onto any surface. 

The Freestyle will also be equipped with Gaming Hub – allowing users to access more than 1,000 cloud games on a massive screen in any environment, anytime, with anyone.

The Premiere 8K Laser UST Projector

2023 Samsung The Premiere UST 8K Projector

UST projectors are becoming a very popular home viewing option and although Samsung is more well known for its TVs, they have a presence in this product category also.  

Building on the foundation of its 4K Premiere UST projector launched in 2020, Premiere 8K is the world’s first 8K ultra-short throw projector that can display massive 150-inches images on any wall.

In addition to its large, vivid, images, the Premiere 8K also delivers immersive sound with built-in Dolby Atmos capability.

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The Premiere 8K also incorporates Smart TV features in a projector form factor. It supports streaming apps and screen mirroring from popular devices. 

The Premiere 8K blends into any room, delivering theater-screen entertainment while sitting only inches from a wall. It brings the full, large-screen cinematic experience to any room in the house without the need for mounting or rewiring.

Pricing and availability TBD.

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