In addition to its TVs and projectors, and following LG’s tease of two new soundbars for 2023, Samsung is also showing new additions to its forthcoming 2023 soundbar line-up. 

HW-G60C Soundbar

This soundbar entry is compact and designed to provide an all-in-one audio experience. 

In order to provide the best possible sound quality from a compact soundbar, hybrid beamforming technology and virtual Dolby Atmos are employed to create a 3D soundscape.

In addition to providing a way to improve TV sound, the HW-G60C also has built-in echo-canceling microphones and ambient lighting so that it can serve as a computer/gaming speaker and interact with virtual assistants and smart IoT devices. 

The HW-G60C’s four microphones isolate and amplify users’ voices for virtual assistant functionality and in-game chat, removing environmental noise to further isolate the user’s voice for voice controls. 

Tip: Users can also access multilingual voice assistants when needed. 

Connectivity includes HDMI/ARC, USB, AirPlay 2, and Chromecast Built-in. Customizable LED lighting and adaptive sound profiles allow gamers to add unique looks and sound to any computer. 

HW-S800B Soundbar

This is the newest Samsung Ultra Slim soundbar that provides Dolby Atmos from a minimalist 3.1.2 channel configuration that is only 40mm (1.6 inches) tall and 38mm (1.5 inches) deep. The HW-S800B is designed to provide great sound and installation flexibility for tight spaces or if other soundbars block the bottom edge of your TV’s screen.

HW-Q990C Soundbar

2023 Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar System

If you are looking for a soundbar system that emphasizes the home theater experience, the Samsung flagship HW-Q990C is designed to fill that bill. 

HW-Q990C incorporates 11.1.4-channel (11 horizontal channels, 1 subwoofer channel, and 4 height channels) audio and synchronizes with speakers and neural processor chips for flexible multi-channel performance, such as when Dolby Atmos is activated. 

With Samsung’s Q Symphony 3.0 built-in, the HW-Q990C is designed to isolate and precisely direct individual audio elements by combining both the soundbar and TV speakers. 

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Using AI and second-generation, room-analyzing Spacefit, the soundbar automatically optimizes individual driver frequencies and gain to match any space. 

For convenience, voice control is included. The system can also be controlled via Wi-Fi or the SmartThings app

HW-Q990C is also able to identify and isolate background noise while enhancing dialogue, or adjusting to low-volume nighttime listening needs, providing a premium, sonically optimized experience. 

Adaptive Sound 2.0 offers clear sound using AI sound optimization technology, while Game Pro 2.0 provides a sound field mode suitable for the game’s genre.

The HW-990C comes packaged with the main soundbar, wireless subwoofer, surround speakers (which also include height speakers), and remote control. 

NOTE: Additional details, availability, and pricing for these and any other soundbars in Samsung’s 2023 line-up are expected to be forthcoming sometime after CES – Stay Tuned.

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