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CES 2023: Sennheiser IE 200 IEMs Unveiled


At CES 2023, Sennheiser introduced the all-new IE 200 in-ear (wired) earphones for seasoned hi-fi enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Priced at $149, the IE 200 feature a 7-millimeter extra-wide band transducer and a unique dual ear tip option that changes the sonic signature from “from deep and emotional bass response to texture-rich treble presence” depending which way it’s mounted.

​​Sennheiser claims the IE 200 deliver a natural frequency response curve typically found in earphones costing significantly more. Our video producer, Emiko was able to try them at CES 2023, and was quite impressed with their sound and comfort.

She further added, “I’ve been using Sennheiser for over two decades in my work in the music and film industries. To know they’re opening up their product line with the new IE 200s, which are affordable, comfortable, and have the same technology as their more advanced product line makes me excited because they are serious about offering quality listening experiences to everyone. This is a great entry point IEM and it’s also just a great IEM in general — entry/budget level or not. Well done, Sennheiser!”

​The IE 200 are designed to accommodate ears of all sizes, their inconspicuous design boasts a proven ergonomic design that promotes a secure seal and lasting comfort. Viscoelastic foam and silicone ear adapters in multiple sizes block ambient distractions while maximizing low-end response. A revised, braided cable reduces handling noise, and terminates to widely a 3.5mm stereo plug and MMCX connectors for connection to countless audiophile devices. 

​​Pricing and Availability

The Sennheiser IE 200 will be available for pre-order globally on January 6, 2023, and will go on sale from January 31, 2023, with an MSRP of $149.99 USD.

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