Yamaha has announced its new 2000 Series of Hi-Fi components, which will include two components as part of a complete stereo system for streaming music at home — a network receiver (R-N2000A) and floorstanding speakers (NS-2000A).

Will there be a 2000 series CD player or turntable as well? We think there is a strong possibility of that happening in 2023.

Although not inexpensive at $3,995 for the network receiver and $8,000 for the loudspeakers, the combo was designed to deliver what Yamaha calls True Sound – a profound musical experience so realistic that you feel as if the artist were performing right in front of you.

The R-N2000A Network Receiver merges the company’s revered analog Hi-Fi sound performance, build quality and design aesthetic with the latest digital, streaming and wireless capabilities.

The loudspeakers introduce a revolutionary, all-new design from Yamaha that brings patented technologies from the company’s flagship 5000 Series into a new price-performance tier.

Yamaha R-N2000A Network Receiver Front Silver with Remote

R-N2000A Network Receiver

The build quality of the R-N2000A borrows heavily from the engineering of the flagship 5000 Series pre-amp and amplifier, including perfectly symmetrical right/left circuitry and a floating/balanced power amplifier to attain superior channel separation and signal-to-noise performance.

In addition to premium construction, the receiver offers the full suite of Yamaha MusicCast streaming services – including Amazon Music HD, Apple Music (via AirPlay 2), Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz and many others – all accessible through a convenient app. This gives you reproduction of high-resolution, lossless sound sources via a Wi-Fi connection.

A high-performance USB-DAC function lets you get the most out of your favorite high-resolution audio sources, while an HDMI ARC connection allows the receiver to be used with your TV. The receiver is equipped with YPAO™ (Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer), which corrects for differences in room acoustics to create the perfect listening environment.

Yamaha R-N2000A Network Receiver Silver Front Angle
Vintage style with a discrete lower black panel that displays the streaming source.

The design of the R-N2000A represents a perfect marriage of analog cool with digital convenience, offering illuminated level meters and gorgeously crafted front-panel controls together with an understated digital front panel display for quick reference of more detailed source and content data.

Yamaha R-N2000A Network Receiver Inside
Yamaha R-N2000A Network Receiver Rear

R-N2000A Specification

  • Toroidal power transformer for spacious sound filled with realism
  • ESS SABRE ES9026PRO Ultra DAC for ultimate high-performance conversion
  • Mechanical ground concept maximizes rigidity for expressive and rhythmic bass
  • Floating and balanced power amplifier and symmetrical construction
  • MusicCast app for listening to your favorite music streaming services
  • High-performance USB DAC function supports DSD 11.2 MHz native playback and
  • 384 kHz playback
  • HDMI ARC terminal for excellent TV sound
  • YPAO™-R.S.C. and precision EQ for creating the ideal listening environment
  • Gorgeous level meters convey dynamics and musical pulse with a nostalgic Hi-Fi era look

NS-2000A Floorstanding Speakers

Yamaha N-S2000A Floorstanding Loudspeakers

The NS-2000A inherits patented technologies from the flagship Yamaha NS-5000 speakers and packages them in a 3-way, 4-driver configuration with a floor-standing form factor. Consistent sound tone color is achieved over the entire frequency spectrum by using the same newly developed material for each driver – a blend of ZYLON®, which has excellent sound velocity and minimal internal dissipation, and spruce, which is a preferred material in the soundboards of grand pianos.

The cabinet was designed for optimal dynamics using laser vibrometers used in instrument R&D and sophisticated FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis. Patented technology such as the Acoustic Absorber and Resonance Suppression Chambers ensure music is vividly reproduced without the detrimental effects of excess sound-absorbing material. The NS-2000A sports an all-new cosmetic design featuring gracefully elegant curves and an exquisite piano-black finish reminiscent of Yamaha grand pianos.

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Yamaha N-S2000A Loudspeaker Terminals

NS-2000A Specifications

  • Newly developed driver material blend of ZYLON® and spruce — for faithful tonal balance
  • Cabinet construction is designed with vibration analysis technology cultivated in our crafting of musical instruments
  • Yamaha patented Acoustic Absorber
  • Yamaha patented Resonance Suppression Chambers for suppressing unwanted resonance
  •  Authentic piano black finish — adds to the luxurious joy of ownership
  • High-quality crossover circuitry parts, including audio capacitors by Mundorf of Germany
  • Solid brass speaker terminals for highly secure connection and a luxurious feel

“We have a long history and a loyal fan base for our Hi-Fi gear, and the 2000 Series ushers us into a new age,” said Alex Sadeghian, director of Consumer Audio for Yamaha Corporation of America. “We designed a real, high-performance receiver, supercharged it with cutting-edge technology, and then paired it with a new generation of speakers. We made an impact in the Hi-Fi community three years ago when we introduced the award-winning 5000 series; today, the 2000 Series makes this extraordinary listening experience more accessible.”

Yamaha R-N2000A Network Receiver and N-S2000A Loudspeakers Lifestyle Dark

Pricing & Availability

The Yamaha R-N2000A Network Receiver at $3,999.95 MSRP, is available in two colors, black and silver. The silver finish is available today. The black finish is expected late February 2023.

The Yamaha NS-2000A Floorstanding Speakers will be available in late spring 2023 for $3,999.95 MSRP each.

For more information: usa.yamaha.com


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