Whew! The drama between YouTuber Charleston White, T.I., and King Harris is gettin’ thick! Charleston hopped on Instagram live to say that he tagged the Atlanta Police Dept & Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis to alert them about a video where King threatened him. “I want to put his (T.I.’s) son in jail,” Charleston said.

In the recent video, before King threatened the Texas native, he called him a b***h. “Man, we are about to whoop your a*s when you come back here. I can see you had a soft upbringing,” he said. The drama doesn’t end there. T.I. also came to his son’s defense calling Charleston out. He told the YouTuber to speak to him directly.

“I ain’t on no gangsta s**t. I’m a father, I’m a businessman, and I’m a leader. So ultimately, if you have something to say about me and mine, come to me. Whatever you have to say about me, come to me,” T.I. said. He added, “Keep my mutha*****g children’s names out your mutha*****g mouth before something bad happens.” The King of the south made it clear that he wasn’t threatening Charleston but was firm that people don’t play about their kids. “People will die about their children, and people are willing to go to prison about their children. Stop. That’s a suggestion. Please stop.”

Charleston has been on a roll talking about King following his recent arrest in September. If you recall, he was arrested and hit with four charges during a traffic stop. Recently Charleston also spoke negatively about Boosie’s son Tootie Raww. He talked about King’s arrest and appearance in the same breath, which prompted the drama. T.I. stepped into The Shade Room and said that he attempted to speak to Charleston, and it didn’t happen.

Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?



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