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China Reportedly Develops Mind-Reading Device That Can Detect When Men Watch Pornography In An Effort To Ban Adult Video Consumption

It’s no secret that China is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to enacting measures to have full control of its residents—and the country’s latest move involves mind-reading. According to recent reports, China has developed a mind-reading device that can detect when men watch pornography, which is a move to eventually ban all porn consumption despite adult videos already being illegal in the country.

@NYPost reports, Chinese researchers are allegedly claiming to have an official patent for a device that is capable of “reading a man’s mind,” and specifically detecting when he is watching porn. The current prototype of the device is said to have the ability to detect brainwaves that are triggered when a man is exposed to lewd content. The research was conducted on 15 male college students that were placed in front of a computer screen playing porn, while wearing the device on their heads. The mind-reading device would then be able to process a collection of photos and videos, and flag anything suspicious.

Xu Jianjun, who conducted the research and is also the director of the electrical engineering department at Beijing Jiaotong University, said that the intent behind the device is “for bad information detection.” He also claims that the results are 80% accurate and able to filter out additional signals that could potentially trigger brainwaves when emotions are emitted to content unrelated to porn.

Meanwhile, government officials in China are getting serious about cracking down on porn consumption by deploying censors known as “porn appraisers” that are tasked with searching social media to flag inappropriate content.

Due to porn being illegal in China, the research for the mind-reading device was difficult, as the explicit content obtained had to be redacted and censored in order to avoid facing criminal charges.


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