Cyrus Audio is a high-end audio brand based in Cambridgeshire, England, and has been at the forefront of the audio scene for nearly 40 years. 

Its first product, the Cyrus One (aka Cyrus 1) amplifier launched in 1984 to much acclaim. Since then Cyrus Audio has developed a reputation for offering quality audio products which include integrated amps, CD players, power amps, and power supplies, all of which are manufactured in England.

The new Cyrus Audio Classic Series offers popular product choices for many hi-fi fans, bringing the unique look and sound of Cyrus to a global audience.

Cyrus Audio has announced the launch of two new models to kickstart the new line of products in the new and improved Classic series. 

Cyrus Audio Classic AMP Front
The front panel looks the same on both Classic AMP and PRE

The first two entries in the new Classic line are The Classic AMP, an integrated amplifier, and The Classic PRE, which is a preamplifier.

Both new products retain the Cyrus audio look, but the circuit design has been re-designed and the majority of the internal components have been upgraded by the Cyrus R&D team, resulting in sound improvements.  

The Classic AMP

Cyrus Audio Classic AMP Rear

Channel Configuration: 2

Amplifier Type: Class D

Output Power (2 channels driven):

  • 4 Ohms – 112W
  • 6 Ohms – 91W
  • 8 Ohms – 91W

Frequency Response (-3dB): <0.5Hz to >50kHz

Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR): >100dB

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Input Connections

  • Phono Input with Ground: 1 set (Moving Magnet)

Tip: Digital Optical/Coaxial inputs are PCM only.

Output Connections 

  • Fixed Audio Level Output: 1 set
  • Speakers: One left set, One right set.
  • MC Bus (Cyrus Wired Control System): 1 in/ 1 out: 

Color Options: Black

Dimensions (WHD): 215 x 75 x 365mm (8.5 x 3 x 14.4-inches)

Price (UK only provided): £1,995

The Classic PRE  

Cyrus Audio Classic Pre Rear

The Classic PRE has the same features, input, output, and control connections as the Classic AMP, but instead of a built-in amplifier and speaker outputs, there are both left and right RCA preamp and balanced audio outputs for connection to an external power amplifier which is needed to power speakers. 

Resource: What is a Preamplifier?

Color Options: Black

Dimensions (WHD): 215 x 75 x 365mm (8.5 x 3 x 14.4-inches)

Weight: 4.4Kg (9 lbs/11oz)

Price (UK only provided): £2,595


The Classic AMP & PRE are available to order from August. You can also book a demo session at Cyrus dealer if one is near you

Additional new Classic Series are expected to be revealed over the next 18 months, including a BluOS-enabled music streamer.

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To find out more about Classic AMP, PRE, and other forthcoming products in the Classic series, visit www.cyrusaudio.com.

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