A travel nightmare left Amtrak passengers stranded onboard an auto train for upwards of 30 hours in the woods of rural South Carolina, with some even calling local police saying they were being held hostage.

What was supposed to be a 17-hour trip from Washington, D.C. to Orlando, Florida on Monday ended up being a 37-hour trip, according to ABC News.

Hundreds Of Passengers Stranded Onboard Amtrak Train For Days Following Freight Derailment

Amtrak officials say the significant delays were caused by a freight derailment, leaving 563 passengers at 333 vehicles stranded onboard.

The train had been delayed by almost 20 hours, turning a 17-hour trip into a 37-hour one. They finally arrived Wednesday morning the outlet reports.

An Amtrak official confirmed to ABC News that the train had resumed its travel late Tuesday, and added that passengers were provided with meals, snacks and beverages.

“We have been providing regular updates to customers, along with meals, snack packs and beverages,” it said. “The onboard staff is working with pet owners to provide bathroom breaks.”

Frustrated Passengers Call Police Claiming Amtrak Was Holding Them Hostage, Video Shows

Frustrated passengers even called 911 from the train while it was stranded, according to several videos obtained by ABC News.

The clips show a conductor asking people to stop calling police, adding “we are not holding you hostage.”

“For those of you that are calling the police, we are not holding you hostage,” a conductor can be heard over the loudspeaker. “We are giving you all the information in which we have. We are sorry about the inconvenience.”

The conductor could also be heard telling people not to smoke on the train or open their windows.

The Amtrak train in question was an Auto Train, which only a few certified crews are able to operate. The Auto Train carries passengers and their vehicles daily between the two destinations.

Meanwhile, no injures were reported, according to ABC News.

More Bad Press For Amtrak After Making Headlines Last Month For Kicking Two Black Women Off Train

This hardly the first time Amtrak recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons, after a situation that resulted in two Chicago-bound passengers getting ditched in Grand Junction, Colorado last month, The Shade Room reported at the time.

The entire situation was over a Pomeranian having a bowel movement, per reports.

News of the incident came through TikTok after a user going by @bellskunk uploaded a series of troubling videos.

In the first TikTok, a pair of officers is seen speaking to two Black passengers, and the videographer says that the women are “being mistreated.”

After the officers tell the women that Amtrak has a right to kick them off for any reason, the man recording the interaction says the matter arose “because their little doggie had to take a poo poo,” which was cleaned up.

He also says that the ordeal is related to racism as he continues to advocate for them.


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