Do consumers really need a 15.4 channel AVR? Denon has officially rolled out the flagship AVR-A1H and it’s quite a beast. Priced at $6,499, the new AVR-A1H checks all the boxes and a few more you didn’t know you needed.

The use of the “A1” naming convention has historically been reserved for Denon’s finest electronics, and it hasn’t been used since the AVR-A1HD launched in 2007. It seems Denon has held nothing back in the creation of the new AVR-A1H.

It replaces prior flagships, the AVR-8500H from 2018 and the AVR-A110 (Anniversary Edition) from 2020, which were no slouches in their own right. The new AVR-A1H offers some significant improvements, some of which have trickled down into Denon’s 2023 Home Theater Receiver lineup.

Denon AVR-A1H 15.4 Channel 8K AV Receiver
Denon AVR-A1H 15.4 Channel 8K AV Receiver

What’s New?

  • 15 x 150 watts amplification
  • Supports up to 9.4.6 Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, IMAX Enhanced, Auro 3D
  • 4 independent RCA and XLR subwoofers
  • Advanced bass management with directional bass
  • Dirac Live (with optional fee)
  • 50% larger block capacitors (from 22,000 uF to 33,000 uF)
  • Larger power transformer (from 17.9 lbs to 25.5 lbs)
  • Doubled thickness of copper foil PCB (from 35um to 70um)
  • Faster DSP (from 1600 MIPS to 2000 MIPS)
  • HDMI output increase (from 200ma to 300ma)
  • Increased 8K (40 Gbsp) HDMI inputs (from 1 to 7)
  • Lower THD+N and SINAD Measurements (according to internal company tests)
  • Bluetooth transmitter built-in
  • New HD GUI
  • Expanded Web UI
Denon AVR-A1H Internal Amps
8 of the new Class D power amplifiers inside the AVR-A1H.

Summon the Power!

At its core, the AVR-A1H can summon the power of 15 discrete assignable amplifiers that output 150 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20hz to 20khz, .05% THD, measured with 2 channels driven).

The receiver also provides four subwoofer preamp outputs (including both balanced and unbalanced connections). Depending how many subwoofers are used, they can be configured for directional bass, such as left/right (stereo) bass and front/back.

Denon AVR-A1H has four Subwoofer XLR and RCA Outputs

Tip: In addition to the built-in amps and subwoofer outputs, the A1H provides two additional channel preamp outputs for multi-zone use. Just add external amplifiers. 

With all that power, the number of amplified and add-on channels, and subwoofer outputs, you have the option to set up a main and 2nd room (or even a 3rd room) systems, use the speaker bi-amp connection flexibility, or set up the ultimate Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or Auro 3D Audio configuration (support for up to a 9.4.6 channel setup).

To ensure the stability of its extensive power output, Denon has incorporated the largest transformer it has ever used in any of its AVRs (weighing in at 25 lbs), along with beefed-up capacitors for added support.

Tip: Average AC power consumption for the A1H in operation is stated as 900 watts. 

Brendon Stead speaks about Denon AVR-A1H A/V Receiver
Brendon Stead, SVP of Product & Engineering at Masimo briefs press at HQ in Carlsbad, CA

Audio Support

The A1H has you covered for home theater sound with extensive support for almost all surround sound formats including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D as mentioned above, as well as IMAX Enhanced, and Sony 360 Reality Audio.

For added support, the A1H includes a Dual Core 1 Ghz DSP (Digital Sound Processor). Audiophile-grade DACs are provided for all channels. Additional audio features include:

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  • Audio Processing (AL32 Processing): This feature supports high-resolution 192khz/32-bit input signals as well as provides the best possible sound quality from any source via its signal-restoring algorithms.
  • Hi-Res Audio: Support for 24-bit/192kHz audio playback. Digital audio format support includes MP3, WMA, WAV, MPEG-4/AAC, FLAC, and ALAC
  • Wireless Music Streaming: Amazon HD, Spotify Connect, Pandora,  and more… Roon Tested.
  • Heos: Multi-room wireless streaming.
Denon AVR-A1H Rear ARC/eARC HDMI 2.1 8K Port

HDMI Support

Control Options

Denon AVR-A1H Remote Control
Denon AVR-A1H Remote Control is backlit
  • Remote Control: A wireless handheld backlit remote is provided.
  • Voice Control: Alexa Built-in, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Josh AI (this option needs to be installed professionally)
  • Smartphone App Control: iOS, Android
  • Additional Control Options: 12-volt trigger (2), wired remote sensor (in/out), RS232C, IP Control
Denon AVR-A1H Trigger Remote RS-232C

Room Correction 

Audyssey Room Correction Built-in: MultEQ, MulitEQ XT32, Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume

Tip: The A1H will support Dirac Live room correction via a future firmware update.  The inclusion of Dirac Live will allow users to fine-tune speakers connected to a receiver to more accurately match the acoustic environment of the room they are placed in, providing a more well-rounded music listening experience with better accuracy, larger sweet spot, more precise voice intelligibility, as well as deeper, but less boomy bass.

Denon AVR-A1H A/V Receiver Rear


  • Wireless: Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi (Wired Ethernet is also included if needed).
  • Wired Inputs: HDMI  (7), Analog (5 plus 1x XLR), Phono (MM-1)), Digital Optical (2), Digital Coaxial (2), USB (1 Front/1 Rear)
  • Wired Outputs: HDMI (3), Multichannel Pre-out (17), SubWoofer (4)
  • Speaker Connections: 17 Pairs of Gold plated speaker terminals (one pair for each amplified channel).
Denon AVR-A1H Rear Speaker Connections Closeup

Dimensions and Weight

  • Dimensions (WDH): 17.4 x 19.6 x 10.2 inches (with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Antenna extended).
  • Weight: 70 lbs

“The AVR-A1H represents the absolute pinnacle of 8K A/V receiver performance for discerning home cinema enthusiasts,” explained Trip Randall, Denon brand president. “With a massive power supply supporting 15-channels of high-power, internal amplification and the flexibility to create up to a 9.4.6 immersive surround configuration, the AVR-A1H has been engineered and meticulously manufactured toachieve unprecedented refinement, establishing a new standard for AVR features and performance.”

Denon AVR-A1H A/V Receiver Angle

Pricing and Availability

The Denon AVR-A1H is now available for $6,499 at denon.com, Crutchfield, Amazon and through Authorized Dealers. 


Model  AVR-A1H  AVR-A110
AVR-X8500HA  AVR-X8500H 
SRP  $6,499 $5,499 $4,599 $3,999
Dimensions (W×H×D) mm 434×195×498  434×195×482  434×195×482  434×195×482 
Weight 32.0 kg
(70.6 lbs) 
25.4 kg
(56.0 lbs) 
23.6 kg
(52.0 lbs) 
23.6 kg
(52.0 lbs) 
(8ohm 20-20kHz THD<0.05% L+R) 
150 W + 150 W  150 W + 150 W  150 W + 150 W  150 W + 150 W 
Channels  15 ch  13 ch  13 ch  13 ch 
Support feature  8K60AB 4K120AB, ARC 7 Input  8K60AB 4K120AB, ARC  8K60AB 4K120AB, ARC  4K60P, ARC 
HDMI Version  2.1 2.1 2.1 2.0b 
DSP Type/model  ADI SHARC+ x 1  ADI SHARC+ x 2  ADI SHARC+ x 2  ADI SHARC+ x 2 
Max Audio
15.4 ch  13.2 ch  13.2 ch  13.2 ch 
Audio Technology,
DDSC HD32 / AL32 Multi  DDSC HD32 / AL32 Multi  DDSC HD32 / AL32 Multi  DDSC HD32 / AL32 Multi 
DAC Brand/
Type Name 
ESS ES9018K2M x 10  AKM AK4490EQ x 8  ESS ES9010K2M x 8  AKM AK4490EQ x 8 
Clock Jitter Reducer  Yes (Built-in ESS DAC)  Yes (Cirrus Logic CS2100)  Yes (Built-in ESS DAC)  Yes (Cirrus Logic CS2100) 
XLR Pre Input  1 –  –  – 
Preout  RCA 17.0 ch XLR & RCA 0.4 ch  RCA 15.2 ch  RCA 15.2 ch  RCA 15.2 ch 
Speaker Terminal  17 ch  15 ch  15 ch  15 ch 
Binding/Push Type  AVC-A1HD Type  Half Gray Transparency type.
Shape is the same as X8500H 
Transparency type  Transparency type 
Wi-Fi Connectivity  2.4 GHz (11b/g/n)  
5 GHz (11a/n/ac)
WPA3-SAE(AES) support 
2.4 GHz (11b/g/n)
5 GHz (11a/n) 
2.4 GHz (11b/g/n)
5 GHz (11a/n) 
2.4 GHz (11b/g/n)
5 GHz (11a/n) 
Bluetooth Tx  Yes (SBC)  –  –  – 
Power consumption
(Network Control Always ON) (without Distribute) 
Less than 2.0 W  3.5 W  3.5 W  3.5 W 
Brendon Stead demonstrates construction and parts of Denon AVR-A1H A/V Receiver
Brendon Stead, SVP of Product & Engineering at Masimo reveals all the new internal parts.
Denon AVR-A1H Case Open showing Internal Amplifiers


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