Derrick Rose has left some social media users praising him after a video surfaced of his wife and oldest son’s mother at a recent family gathering. In the video, Mieka Reese is seen alongside Rose’s current wife Alaina Anderson Rose. Joi is the mother of Derrick Rose’s oldest son PJ.

In the short clip, Reese and Rose showed off their matching two-piece Barbie pajamas.

“Don’t be hating — let me see the length,” Reese said to Rose as she showed off her long, blonde hair. “It’s giving!”

The ladies indulged in drinks and desserts with Derrick and fellow family members. As well as multiple games of Uno.

Reese also captioned the video.

Uno night gets Reel 😉🃏🥂🎄

The Internet Reacts

Social media users were quick to share mixed reactions to the video in Reese’s comment section.

Yes boo!!! ❤️❤️Beautiful blended family!! Love it!! Happy Holidays!!!


I so love this Mieka! #FamilyOverEverything😍😍


This is really nice especially nice for the kids to see ❤️


I love to see how y’all can come together in unity and harmony for the sake of your children its the greatest gift you can give your kids for them to see unity and peace and I wish more would take notes and learn from y’all stay blessed ❤️


I love her but Didn’t he leave her for the white girl, I understand being cordial and all for the kids but this is crazy I wish I could be this mature lol.


Who da wifee an who the baby mama?🧐


I’m good tried before more power to them tho


Drose the 🐐 fr 🤣

Fellow basketball player J.R. Smith even shared his admiration for Rose and his family.

The Parents Have Previously Demonstrated Successful Co-Parenting

This is not the first time the parent has demonstrated their successful co-parenting relationship. Back in May, Rose and his wife celebrated the birthday of their youngest son London Marley Rose. Mieka Reese was present with PJ Rose. The entire family even took a group photo.

Reese shared a video of the event with a special birthday shout-out to London.

Co-Parenting in 🅱️alenciaga 🥳🎉🏀💛

As The Shade Room previously reported, Rose proposed to Alaina back in October of 2021 with a romantic dinner on the floor of Madison Square Garden.

Roommates, are you happy to see it?


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