Following up on its previous announcement DTS was expanding the reach of its Play-Fi wireless audio ecosystem deeper into a home theater, more details which specific brands and products have been released. 

The new Play-Fi products launched include TVs, soundbars, speakers, amplifiers, and AV receivers. DTS has also made upgrades to Android and iOS mobile apps that work across products and brands supporting DTS Play-Fi.

Play-Fi App

With DTS Play-Fi receiving CES 2022 Innovation Awards in two categories for its latest Play-Fi home theater functionality and the upgraded Play-Fi Mobile Apps, Sonos and WiSA better watch out. 

Some of the features that DTS Play-Fi supports for home theater applications include: 

  • Option to use a Play-Fi-enabled soundbar, discrete Play-Fi-enabled speakers, or the TV’s built-in speakers as the front channels for the TV.
  • Add Play-Fi-enabled speakers as surround speakers for a TV or soundbar to envelop the listener in sound.
  • Add up to two Play-Fi enabled subwoofers, to bring deep, room-shaking bass to your TV
  • Utilize Play-Fi’s complementary functionality, like a multi-room grouping of the TV with Play-Fi enabled speakers for music, TV audio, and app-based headphone listening.
Play-Fi Home Theater

New and recently announced products that are expected to support Play-Fi include (not all products have been released as of the published date of this article):

Philips TV’s (Globally Except for North America)

  • OLED+ 936 Series 
  • OLED+ 986 Series 
  • PML9636 Series 
  • PML9836 Series 


Hisense Soundbars

Integra Home Theater Receivers

Loewe (Europe)

  • Klang bar5 mr 5.1.2 Soundbar
  • Klang mr1, mr3, and mr5 Speakers

Onkyo AV Receivers 

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Philips Soundbars and Speakers

  • TAB8405  
  • TAB8905 
  • Fidelio B95 
  • Fidelio B97 
  • TAW6205 Wireless Home Speaker – $199 at Amazon
  • TAW8506 Subwoofer

Pioneer Elite AV Receivers


TCL Soundbars

DTS Play-Fi Logo

Heading into 2022, the Play-Fi ecosystem continues to grow, adding new partners, including Vestel and Kanto Audio. Expect further product announcements from these partners later in 2022.

UPDATE JUNE 16, 2022: Immersive Audio and More Products

In addition to the previously discussed DTS Play-Fi Home Theater features and products, more has been added.

In addition to being able to accommodate 2 subwoofers and surround speakers, DTS Play-Fi now supports up to 7.2.4 channel speaker setups for immersive surround sound. This allows Play-Fi Home Theater compatibility with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced content when available.

Tip: All compatible DTS Play-Fi devices support Hi-Res Audio 24-bit/192kHz playback.

Newly announced product additions include all 2022 Philips Ambilight TVs running on Android TV including “The One” (PUS8807), Philips MiniLED/LCD PML9507 TV, and the full Philips OLED TV lineup. 2021 Philips TVs supporting Play-Fi Home Theater will receive an OTA upgrade supporting the latest features.

In addition to products previously announced and listed above, the following Philips audio products will also include DTS Play-Fi Home Theater features:

  • Philips Fidelio FB1 7.1.2 Soundbar
  • Philips Fidelio FW1 Subwoofer
  • Philips Fidelio FS1 Speaker
  • Philips B8907 Soundbar
  • Philips B8507 Soundbar

NOTE: Philips miniLED, OLED, Ambilight TVs, and some audio products are not available in the U.S.

Check out more DTS Play-Fi supported audio and home theater products.

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Play-Fi Products

Check Crutchfield for Play-Fi product availability.

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