The Musk family just keeps on growing in some very interesting ways, Roomies! Elon Musk’s father Errol Musk reportedly welcomed a second child with his stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout, who he raised since she was four years old. Musk confirmed the news to The Sun in a recent interview.

I haven’t checked her DNA. But she looks just like my other daughters. She looks like Rose and Tosca mixed up. She looks exactly like Rushi and she behaves like him. So it’s pretty obvious you know.”

Errol, 76, and Jana, 35, welcomed their first child Elliott Rush, who goes by Rushi, back in 2018. Their second child was born two years later, and while Errol Musk stated that their new addition of “unplanned,” he is happy to be still reproducing at his age.

She wasn’t planned. But I mean, we were living together. She stayed here for about 18 months before Rushi was born. But I realized she’s two generations behind whereas her mother was one generation behind when I married her. So any man who married a woman, even if you feel very sprightly, it’s going to be nice for a while. But there’s a big gap…And that gap is going to show itself.”

Errol revealed that he and Jana are no longer living together, and seemingly confirmed they split up altogether. He added that he looks forward to possibly having more children.

The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce. If I could have another child I would. I can’t see any reason not to. If I had thought about it then Elon or Kimbal wouldn’t exist.”

The Sun reports that tech mogul Elon went “berserk” after finding out about his father’s relationship with Jana, who lived with him growing up. Errol also mentioned that his daughters felt the relationship was “creepy.”

And they still don’t like it. They still feel a bit creepy about it, because she’s their sister. Their half-sister.”

As we previously reported, Elon Musk recently welcomed twins just weeks before his 9th child was born. It seems like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree because the tech CEO joked about repopulating the Earth in a tweet exchange with Nick Cannon just days after the news broke.

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