A Memphis woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, exclusively tells The Shade Room that she was forced to move out of her home after having property management “brush off” her complaints.

The mother-of-one says that the Highland Hills apartment complex has failed to rectify a situation that has caused her apartment to be damaged because of a neighbor’s pipe that burst.

As a result, she has wet floors and mold, which causes her to not be able to live in her apartment comfortably.

The unnamed woman says she is in a hotel but will have a new apartment by Friday. Unfortunately, the leasing office is not covering hotel expenses.

She continued to say that she moved into the complex in “January of 2021 and the problems started shortly after.”

At one point, the tenant was without a refrigerator “for three days.” As a result, her food was spoiled, and management did not provide reimbursement for items lost.

It wasn’t until Memphis comedienne and entrepreneur, Latoya Polk, assisted the young lady with helping her resolve the issue that the leasing office contacted her to solve the issue.

Latoya wrote on Facebook:

Who should my friend call about her apartment? It’s severe water damage and they are dragging their feet to fix it. She has a 2 year old who can’t play because the floor is so bad. Walking on the carpet sounds like walking outside in water. They tell her it’s a pipe busted above her but this is ridiculous!!!

She also made a series of other posts and people encouraged the young lady to call code enforcement and offered to help in other ways.

Roomies, what do you think of this?


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