A 17-year-old Florida teen has now been charged with attempted murder after stabbing his mother several times. And hitting her in the face with a frying pan, as reported by WESH.

The teenager’s identity was initially withheld due to him being a minor. But it has since been revealed, as his case has been transferred to an adult court, as reported by Fox 35 Orlando.

The Teen Led Authorities On A High-Speed Chase

According to WESH, police arrived at the scene and were informed of the teen’s actions by his mother. A police report states that “the victim took a breath and stated (her son) did this.”

The report also says that a male friend of the teenager attempted to stop the attack on the mother. He was unsuccessful and the suspect then fled the scene in his mother’s car.

According to WESH, the male friend and another teen followed the suspect. Police were also able to locate the 17-year-old by pinging his cell phone.

Once authorities arrived at the suspect’s location, he led them on a high-speed chase through multiple Florida counties. Then crashed while exiting a highway.

The teenager was then apprehended by authorities.

The Attack & The 17-Year-Old’s Confession

Authorities have shared that while interviewing the suspect, he admitted to “stabbing the victim multiple times with a pocketknife that he carried around.” He also added that he used a frying pan and “struck the victim in the head” until the object “broke.”

In addition, the police report states that the teenager texted a friend, asking for a gun so that he could “shoot the victim.”

When explaining why he decided to initiate the attack on his mother, the 17-year-old said he was “upset because his mother was constantly on his case about cleaning his room.”

The teen was booked into a juvenile detention center on November 30, as reported by New York Post. According to Fox 35 Orlando, the mother is in critical condition.


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