Collin Gwin, the owner of an art gallery in San Francisco, is officially facing charges after he was caught spraying an unhoused woman with a water hose.

The Gallery Owner Initially Defended His Decision: ‘It Woke Her Up & She Moved’

The story unfolded earlier this month, as The Shade Room previously reported, and it was caught on video. After casually spraying the homeless woman with the hose, Gwin can be heard demanding for her to move away from his business, the Foster Gwin Gallery.

Once the video began circulating, Gwin spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle and said he was trying to “clean up her mess” when the homeless woman “became completely belligerent.” He also suggested that his actions were justified, as the woman ultimately did “what she needed to do” by moving.

“I turned the hose on her, and guess what? It woke her up, and she moved. And that was what she needed to do.”

Collin Gwin also said he was merely “trying to help her.”

“I came down and asked her if I could help her move the clothes and the whole thing. [I am] not a person who has no sympathy or empathy for homeless people.”

Gwin Faces Public Outrage & Legal Charges

Unsurprisingly, the public was not pleased with Gwin’s actions, and he swiftly became the target of online scrutiny. Additionally, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the gallery’s door was smashed in by an outraged viewer.

However, Collier’s troubles aren’t just in the court of public opinion.

As a result of his actions, Collier will face a misdemeanor battery charge “for the alleged intentional and unlawful spraying of water on and around a woman experiencing homelessness,” according to a social media statement from San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.

“The alleged battery of an unhoused member of our community is completely unacceptable. Mr. Gwin will face appropriate consequences for his actions.”

Jenkins was sure to also say that it was “unacceptable” for people to vandalize the Foster Gwin Gallery, as “two wrongs do not make a right.”

Collier was ultimately arrested on Wednesday afternoon, and he could face up to six months in jail if he’s convicted. He could also be subject to a $2,000 fine.

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