Gervonta Davis fired back at the narrative that he harmed Vanessa Posso after her 911 call surfaced online. He said he “never put his hands on [his] child mother” or his toddler daughter with Posso.

As previously reported, police arrested the boxing champion in Florida on Tuesday (Dec. 27). His bond was listed at $1,000 for charges of battery domestic violence.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Gervonta spoke about not having a public relations team and wanting to clear his name. He also claimed people had been railroading him for money and destruction.

The post included a photo of his eldest daughter watching the movie Frozen, which he says he took moments before engaging in an argument with Posso.

“I never put my hands on my child mother nor my f*****g daughter, are you f*****g crazy!!! I’m not a monster, I been quiet for too long. I don’t have media team, PR, good lawyer…spokesman nothing off that. That’s the only reason I’m doing this now! Just to clear my name!”

Gervonta also claimed that Posso called 911 because he wouldn’t “give her [his] truck.” 

Meanwhile, on the 911 call, a woman, assumed to be Posso, told the operator that she was trying to leave her location “to go home.” The woman on the line said she had a baby in the car but that the man was “messing up” her tires after attacking her. She repeatedly begged the operator to “help her,” saying that “he is going to kill” her.

Gervonta Davis Shares Aftermath Of Domestic Dispute: Pooped-Covered Items, Broken Glass & TornShirt 

One thing Davis repeatedly attempted to make clear in his initial post was that he’s “not a monster.” Over on Twitter, he seemingly implied that Possa was faking the 911 call. Then, his reported nutritionist cosigned Davis’ implication.

Elliot Buckling wrote, “I was stood right there when this call was made. The scene doesn’t match the call.”

In a separate tweet, he told a fan he is no longer interested in his boxing match–slated for X against X.

Meanwhile, Posso shared a meme to her Instagram Story saying, “karma never loses an address.” 

Hours later, Gervonta shared photos of three poop-covered toothbrushes, along with scribbled insults on a mirror. The words on the mirror included “sl*t” and “cheater.”

“This girl put sh*t on my toothbrush…and everything…this hard sh*t from my daughter pamper …the one y’all say I hit! Can’t say I did this I was f***ing locked up…I didn’t want to do this but I wanna clear my name,” Gervonta wrote on the toothbrush flick.

He also shared a selfie of spit on his forward and nose–again with the implication that Posso spat on him. In a short video, he showed himself standing on one side of a glass door with his hand on the handle. Meanwhile, Posso appeared to be walking away from the area with a toddler in her arms.

There was broken glass and scattered children’s toys in the room opposite to Gervonta. His white tee was torn from the neckline to his belly area.

There have been no additional comments from Vanessa on the matter. The posts are no longer available on Gervonta’s Instagram page.


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