Corestrat Labs has unveiled a new name, logo, and updated website release as part of its recent rebranding initiative. 

Corestrat Labs, a leading decision analytics and smart platform enterprise announced today that it has completed its rebranding to Corestrat with the launch of a new website. The company’s rebranding effort comes as a response to its accelerated growth over the last few years and the renewal of its corporate vision.

The new Corestrat brand identity represents the firm’s renewed sense of purpose and energy. With a clear goal of making digital transformation and smarter data analytics accessible to all, Corestrat is focused on investing in AI-powered innovation as it builds up a data science and machine learning team in India and Singapore.

At the heart of this rebranding initiative is a change of the company name to Corestrat – a new unified brand that encompasses the company’s business advisory and data-driven smart platform solutions. The initiative also includes an update to the corporate logo, which subtly captures connectedness, while its 3D design reflects innovation and evolution with the future.

The rebrand comes at an important time as the company leverages its unique data analytics and risk management platform solutions to enable faster client adoption of next-generation technology and continued global expansion. As Corestrat looks ahead, the team believes that a strong parent brand in the marketplace is essential while ensuring the new identity matches the principles and objectives of the enterprise.

“The Corestrat rebranding is a major milestone for us as it presents an opportunity for the company to bring a fresh- and forward-looking approach in a rapidly evolving global environment,” says Kartik Ramachandran, the CEO and founder of Corestrat, adding “It brings immense joy to me and co-founder Joe Petillon to look back at the exciting journey that has brought us here. I can confidently say that our team is looking forward to partnering with our customers in this new chapter, pioneering technologies that enable smarter data-driven decision making and cost savings for companies embracing digital transformation.”

The new branding is rolling out across the globe and includes a newly launched website. The new website will serve as a valuable resource to help people understand our business, solutions, culture, and commitment to our customers.

About Corestrat

Corestrat is a data analytics firm that offers industry-leading business advisory as well as financial and credit risk management smart platforms to help companies of all sizes transform digitally. Corestrat’s data-driven smart automation platforms translate sophisticated data into simple, actionable insights to help meet the clients’ business objectives. Using AI and deep learning models, Corestrat develops decision science models and predictive analytics to enable dynamic decision-making.

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