On the heels of GloRilla making headlines with her $550/week personal assistant job listing, people are coming out of the woodwork to accuse the rapper of ripping them off.

A Choreographer Says GloRilla’s Team Left Her High & Dry

According to FOX13 Memphis, a choreographer named Trinica Goods alleges that GloRilla never paid for a five-hour dance lesson.

Trinica says that she worked with GloRilla at an Atlanta-based dance studio back in August, and the rapper allegedly agreed to pay $1,500 for the lesson. Additionally, the choreographer says she was also responsible for teaching Glo’s background dancers some new moves.

“You know her little signature move that she does? She was doing it one way, I choreographed it another way and they have been doing it that way in every other show.”

We should also note that the experience was documented on Trinica’s Instagram page.

After attempting to receive her payment, GloRilla’s team allegedly promised Trinica that she would be paid in the near future. However, four whole months later, she says she still hasn’t been compensated.

“Putting that on my resume doesn’t help pay my bills. That was five hours of my time that I could have been working on something else or doing something else. But here it is, I’m trying to go back and forth with grown men about who should pay me.”

The choreographer then revealed that, judging from buzz she’s heard from others, she thinks something fishy may be going on with Glo’s team.

“Then it started to come out that all her team [doesn’t] handle money well. And it’s nothing against her because I truly do not believe that she knows.”

She then wrapped up her commentary by saying that GloRilla “really is a true talent, but when you have greedy people behind true talent, it takes away from her.”

An Entrepreneur Made A Similar Allegation

Aside from Trinica, an entrepreneur named Kimberly Renfroe also alleges that she was ripped off by GloRilla’s team.

Kimberly, the owner of Fropunzel Hair & Body Care, says she reached out to Glo’s management to inquire about a product endorsement deal. She agreed to Zelle over $1,200, though she was allegedly asked to send another $300 afterwards. Then, after requesting a refund, she was totally ghosted.

Kimberly then took to TikTok to blast the situation, though FOX13 Memphis reports that it has since been removed.

GloRilla Issues A Response

In response to the situation, GloRilla released a statement to FOX13 Memphis and shared that scammers impersonating her team were responsible for the aforementioned allegations.

She shared that she’s “looking into the issue” and implored fans to “take the appropriate steps” to protect themselves from scams.

“I was made aware that an individual has been impersonating members of my team and deceiving people for money as part of a scam. I’m looking into the issue, but I’d like to encourage all my fans and supporters to be very careful with how they communicate with online strangers. It’s important to do research and take the appropriate steps to prevent yourselves from being victimized by cybercriminals posing as celebrity teams.”

What do you think about the allegations against GloRilla?


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