GloRilla is one of the celebrities reflecting on the passing of fellow Memphis-bred rapper Gangsta Boo.

She recently took to Instagram to share a few private conversations between the two of them.

Glo’s Tribute To Gangsta Boo

The 23-year-old took to Instagram earlier this week after the news of Gangsta Boo’s passing hit the internet. Glo shared a picture of the rapper sitting floor side at a basketball game. And captioned the post.

Queen of Memphis FOREVER 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Shortly after, the 23-year-old posted a few screenshots of some private Instagram DMs between the two.

One conversation started with a message from GloRilla to Gangsta Boo.

Omg I’m so admired to have a Memphis OG like you to notice me thank you

Gangsta Boo responded.

Yes indeed. I’m coming there in June. Going to connect with you and your girls when I come. I will keep you posted. We outside!

Glo then thanked the OG rapper, to which Boo responded.

U smashing Glo. Fr. As a pioneer of Memphis female rap, I love to see this. No1 came since me and chat. Go off mane! Xo

In the last screenshot, Gangsta Boo sent GloRilla a clip of Summer Walker’s music video “Sense Dat God Gave You” with a message.

@glorillapimp big inspiration ain’t it mane ! Let’s goooooooo

GloRilla responded, telling Gangsta Boo that she had to get her and fellow Memphis rapper La Chat on a song.

I gotta get you & chat on a song !!!

Gangsta Boo then sent over more words of encouragement and support to Glo.

Glo, you killed the AMA mane. Ur like legit great at what you [do] for you to be so new, trust me. I know. Take h**s years to figure it out. Go off h*e! And yesss me and chat love you!

GloRilla shared a caption with the series of screenshots.

I normally don’t post screenshots but the fact that she reached out to me before anybody else had a clue who I was😢she always supported me & the girls way back before we blew up 💯A REAL LEGEND there will never be another Gangsta Boo 🙏🏼

The rappers’ conversation took place a year before the release of GloRilla’s viral debut single “F.N.F. Let’s Go.

GloRilla’s Wish Was Granted

GloRilla would achieve her dream. And feature alongside Gangsta Boo on Latto’s December single “FTCU.”

In an interview with Billboard, Gangsta Boo shared more of her thoughts about Memphis-bred GloRilla.

She pretty much came out the gate kind of running. They use the quote a lot. They say, ‘Gangsta Boo walked so a lot of people can run.’ If this is a moment to say that particular quote, I would f**k say it because that b***h took off full speed. And she is pretty talented. I like the way she puts her bars and s**t. She’s bumping. I’ve been watching GloRilla and listening to her for a couple of years now.


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