Jeweled jewelry is entrancing, bewitching and beguiling to look at. Gems and jewels have been adored by civilizations for centuries, and wearing the bright, beautiful stones to decorate and ornament the body is a practice revered around the world.

A particular piece of jewelry that I find stunning is the attached bracelet and ring ensemble. This is a fashion set where the bracelet connects to an attached ring. The bracelet and ring are one piece of jewelry, generally connected by a single chain or a number of chains, or by a stretch material that allows the alluring jewelry to fit various shapes and sizes of hands and fingers.

This bracelet/ring ensemble was at one time referred to as a slave bracelet. Some jewelers contend that the term refers to the fact that the attached ring is chained to the bracelet in a “slave” relationship. Since slave can be an inappropriate word, the connected bracelet/ring piece is also referred to as the “Hath Panja bracelet,” the “belly dancer bracelet,” the “harem bracelet” and the “hand flower.” Whatever term is used to describe this stunning piece of jewelry, there is no denying that the connected bracelet/ring is a gorgeous bling combination.

Typically, the attached bracelet/ring is worn on one hand, with your preference for either the left or the right hand. However, for extra allure and/or for religious and ceremonious presentations, matching bracelets/rings are worn on both hands.

I have worn the connected bracelet/ring ensemble on occasion, and I always get major compliments from males and females. You have to admit that this unique piece of jewelry adds elegance and glamour to any hand, not to mention that the jewelry is beyond beautiful. There’s something sensual and seductive about the ring/bracelet jewelry.

Usually, but not always, the ring is worn on the middle finger, and then the jewelry drapes down and over the hand, then attaches as a bracelet around the wrist. The bracelet and ring can connect with a single chain, or with strands of jewelry that cascade over the entire hand.

Absolutely beautiful! Absolutely stunning! Absolutely chic! Absolutely seductive!

In addition to the attached bracelet/ring bling, a similar piece of jewelry that attaches an anklet with a toe ring makes for phenomenal barefoot bling. This eye-catching foot jewelry decorates even the plainest feet to sheer shimmering elegance.

Jewels, gems and jewelry at its finest.

This attractive bling makes a wonderful fashion statement and comes in a variety of styles that suits any kind of an outfit, from formal elegance to punk to rocker glam.

So glam your hands to glamour gorgeousness by dressing them in the sassy bracelet/ring bling!

Hand Flowers: Jazz it up jewelry you can’t take your eyes off of!

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