Rocky Bivens, the husband of Xscape singer LaTocha Scott, is alleged to have a baby on the way with Instagram model Unykue Foucha. Foucha took to Instagram on Sunday and called the talent manager out, revealing the two have a “complicated relationship” and alluding to a current pregnancy.

The most f****d up thing the universe can do to you is let you meet the right person at the wrong time. I’m just tired of living a lie all these years and ready to live in my truth freely and in peace unapologetically. I have no beef wit Latocha, never interfered with any of his dealings with Xscape, never made him choose. Me and Rocky had our own situation. I know this may be shocking news but this was a very complicated relationship that I couldn’t speak on for obvious reasons. Life can be a b***h and ima make sure mines is beautiful either way. It Is what It Is.

The Allegations Follow Scott’s Alleged Departure From Xscape

As reported by theJasmineBRAND, the news arrives on the heels of Scott “stepping back” from her role in Xscape and seemingly leaving the group. Allegedly, Bivens was involved in a dispute with the group’s promoter who verbally threatened his life. Out of loyalty, Scott decided to leave the group’s ongoing tour and take some time apart from the foursome.

Flyers and promotional videos of the group’s upcoming concert appearances have continued to be shared. Scott is visibly omitted from the imagery.

Tamika Addresses Her Sister’s Alleged Split From The Group

However, Scott’s alleged departure from the group may not be what it seems. Early Monday, Tamika Scott, LaTocha’s sister, and fellow Xscape member, addressed her sister’s exclusion from the group’s promotional content.

My talented sister stepped back months ago to work on her solo career. She’s booked up until next year. Her manager said they will let us know when she will be available to do shows with us again. Thank you for supporting us as Xscape and individually.

Scott And Bivens Have Yet To Addresses The Cheating Allegations

As of Monday, neither Scott nor Bivens have publicly addressed Foucha’s allegations. The Instagram model has been the only party to speak on the matter since her shocking revelation.

Foucha took to her Instagram story earlier today.

Y’all Think Y’all Know Everything lol

According to theJasmineBRAND, Scott and Bivens have been married for 26 years and share one son together, Jamon, who is 25 years old.

Roommates, what do you think about this?


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