India’s Delegation to Finland’s Premier Startup Event is Being Represented by “Fydo” Fydo is one of the 25 Indian startups that have been chosen in the SLUSH 2022 Event, which is a matter of prestige for us.

Slush is taking place from 17 November 2022 to 18 November 2022. Slush is a trade show anually held in Helsinki, Finland. Usually in the month of November. It is essentially a startup and tech event that facilitates meetings between the founders of startups and investors such as venture capitalists, accomplished with events such as matchmaking and pitching competitions.

Considered as the world’s leading startup event, SLUSH 2022 will be conducted in Finland. This event is a blessing for all the fledgling businesses to showcase their competencies and products. Prominent companies like Google, Nokia, Mastercard, Sequoia etc. will also take part in the event. Slush aims to establish a global startup community. 8,800 attendees from all over the world come together to take part in this international networking festival.

Fydo will now be getting the opportunity to visit and network with influential VCs there.

Fydo is an ad-tech platform that uses advertising technology to assist new and small businesses in growing their customer bases and enhancing their operations so they can compete with business titans. Because they lack a marketing platform, small businesses and corporations in urban areas lack a way to advertise sales and discounts without having to spend a fortune on advertising. We also give thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises a place to offer their products locally.

The Indian embassy in Finland will also host Fydo along with the other delegates selected by Gov. of India, who will meet with investors and venture capitalists. Which would greatly aid Fydo in its efforts to grow the business. Starting from a few states in India being and now chosen for the SLUSH 2022 Event will be a significant step for fydo to begin its Global expansion.


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