An investigation has been launched after a video shows a parent screaming and threatening children on a school bus after he claims his child was hit by one of the other students.

According to Wave 3 News, the incident took place in Louisville, KY, and occurred on Friday as the students were on the bus on their way home from Carter Elementary School. While making a stop, the video showed a man yelling at the children on the bus threatening to “flip this whole bus,” if they were to touch his daughter again. A young girl, who is assumed to be the man’s daughter, was also present with him at the time. There was also another man present as he held the parent back from the children as some of them began to scream and cry at that moment.

The school’s principal Jamie Wyman sent an email to parents following the incident informing them about what happened. She reassured that the bus driver was directed to take the students back to the school without making any additional stops, and once at the school, the students waited until LMPD (Louisville Metro Police Department) and JCPS (Jefferson County Public School) Security arrived.

In the letter, Principal Wyman also shared that the people were ushered off of the bus but followed the bus in their vehicle, and students reported seeing a gun as they followed the bus.

Parents were encouraged to talk about the incident with their children, and also to reach out to the school’s counselor, who was available to speak about the incident.

A JCPS spokesperson shared that a school safety officer was present during afternoon dismissal on Monday, and an officer followed the bus in the morning. The bus stop where the incident occurred was also monitored by a JCPS security guard.

At moment, there were no arrests made in connection to the incident.



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