Irv Gotti and Ashanti were trending on Twitter overnight and early Wednesday. Someone uploaded a video of Irv speaking in the Murder Inc. Story docuseries, but the clip wasn’t about music or accolades. Instead, the clip showed Irv airing the details of an alleged time he grabbed Ashanti’s peach and kissed her on the lips.

User Faith Cameron (@thats_faithv21) wrote “Irv is Sick” as a caption for the 45-second clip. Since being posted on Tuesday, the clip has generated more than 440,000 views. And users have spilled plenty of opinions, from multiple views,  about what Irv described.

“I’m separated from Deb. I’m on my own. And Ashanti’s coming to the studio every day and our friendship and bond is naturally growing,” Irv said. “And she use to wear these Juicy sweats and her a** was looking fat. Her a** was looking great.”

But Irv didn’t just end the story there. He continued on, explaining how he offered to take her home one day and made a move.

“So one day I was like, yo I’ll take you home,” Irv said. “She said, bet cool. Walk her to her front door of her crib. She turns to say goodbye and I just kiss her and grab her a**. And just mwah. It was like ‘what took you so long?”

Irv Gotti Has Been Telling It All But Ashanti Remains Quiet

Irv Gotti has drawn criticism for weeks for his detailed commentary on his rumored romance with Ashanti. He drew criticism after telling how he found out about Ashanti and Nelly’s romance while omitting his then-wife, in an episode of Drink Champs. In another Drink Champs clip, Gotti claimed he thought of her hit song Happy after the “energy” the pair had after an alleged sexual encounter.

He also compared Ashanti to a cockroach and suggested she “ran away” like one when he caught a federal case in 2005, per Page Six. Meanwhile, the singer has seemingly paid no mind to Irv’s revelations. She’s attended parties, like the birthday party of longtime friend and collaborator Fat Joe, posted her swimsuit pictures, and taken the stage in multiple cities!

Here’s What Twitter Had To Say About Irv’s Comments 

Still, folks on Twitter let their minds loose on Irv. Some launched insults ranging from weirdo to perv. Others argued in favor of the context of the conversation–given that it’s a documentary of about his life. Yet, some folks pointed out how he took a moment that’s supposed to be about Murder Inc.’s legacy to gush over history with Ashanti. Keep scrolling to see what’s being said!




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