If you are looking to buy a new garment for your wardrobe, or if you merely need some kind of an excuse to yet again buy new clothes, every closet should be home to at least one jumpsuit.

A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment that generally consists of a combined top and pants (where the pants go down to the feet/ankles). Somewhat similar to a coverall, jumpsuits can be loose or tight fitting, and can be found in a number of style preferences. Jumpsuits have become a staple of popular clothing in women’s fashion.

Starting in the 1960s, the jumpsuit has made occasional appearances in both common and high fashion. The jumpsuit was at its height of popularity in the 1980s, and the fashionable garment has been used as stage costumes in theater productions and by various singers and bands. Britney Spears, Pink, the Spice Girls and Suzi Quatro have performed in one-piece signature jumpsuits, and male performers such as Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, Roger Daltry and Freddie Mercury have entertained audiences while draped in flamboyantly designed one-piece jumpsuits.

Jumpsuits tend to make their mark in high fashion, where the one-piece wonder is often attractive to designers, because the garment has an unbroken line running from the neck to the feet and this can be flattering for some body shapes, providing an elongated appearance.

Whatever your fashion sense, jumpsuits run the realm of casual to club chic, and the enticing garment can be dressed up or down depending on the shoes that you choose to wear and the accessories that you select.

I tend to think that one-piece jumpsuits look the most attractive when they are worn with high heels as opposed to flat shoes. But remember, you are the wearer of your wardrobe, and only you can turn yourself into the fashion icon that fits your original style and that you are meant to be.

Nancy’s Fashion Tip: Shoes can make or break an outfit!

Black jumpsuits are chic and elegant. I find black jumpsuits to be seductive, and they can be worn as a standard clothing item or as fancy evening wear. Some jumpsuits are sassy and slinky in the back and provide an alluring look. So let a jumpsuit jump off of the clothing rack and into your closet. Or better yet, jump out of your closet and onto your body. You won’t be disappointed.

An item of clothing similar to the jumpsuit is a romper. A romper suit is a one-piece garment worn by children and women, and the clothing item consists of a combined shirt and shorts ensemble. Puffed shorts are particularly associated with rompers.

Rompers appeared in the United States in the early 1900s. Rompers are particularly popular because they are generally ideal for movement and not as restrictive as separate shirts and shorts. In France, for many years, rompers were worn only by boys. The popularity of the romper peaked in the 1950s.

Since 2006, rompers have enjoyed a comeback as a fashionable garment for women. Several fashion designers have presented collections including rompers suits, and rompers can be found in many retail stores. In the Spring 2009 fashion collections, Marc Jacobs, Max Azria and Mara Hoffman were among name designers who showcased various versions of the romper. The romper made its fashion reemergence debut down the runway.

A major selling point for the romper is that the one-piece clothing is versatile in that it can easily convert from day wear to evening wear, and runs the gamut from casual to upscale. The modern romper comes in various fabrics, styles and fits, being made from chambray, cotton, loop terry and velor, to name a few. Another benefit of the romper is that this garment can be found in cuts that are appropriate for beach wear all the way to fashionable attire that you would wear when entertaining your most favorite dinner companions.

From one-piece jumpsuits to one-piece rompers, this one-piece attractive garment will jump-start any wardrobe. When covering your body, jumpsuits and rompers are as comfortable as they are cute and/or classy.

So if you want to drape yourself in sheer splendor, jump at the chance to wear a jumpsuit or a romper. All eyes will be on you.

Jump into summer in jazzy jumpers!

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