News personality and author Jenna Bush Hager became a recent topic of discussion when people reacted to a recent episode of the “Today Show,” where she co-hosted alongside Justin Sylvester. Some folks took it as far as to demand that Jenna be suspended as they called her on-air actions sexual harassment.

On Wednesday, there was a cooking segment that was featured on the “Today Show.” In the clip that has since gone viral, Justin and Jenna are getting instructions from cookbook author Andy Baraghani on how to make sweet and sticky roasted chicken. In the clip, Jenna could be seen touching Justin’s shoulder as she looks on at him receiving instruction. At some point, it appears that Justin made a gesture signaling Jenna to back up.

Some folks took to social media and reacted to the moment.

One person said, “Jenna Bush was way too handsy with contributor, Justin Sylvester. This is the daughter of a former President sexually harassing her coworker in the workplace, on TV. She should be suspended or fired. Full stop!”

Another person said, “This is not okay. She blatantly ignored his “no,” violating his personal space and repeatedly touching him. Jenna Bush needs a suspension, at minimum.”


Justin later shared a video on social media to clear the air on the whole situation and said that things were being taken out of context.

While getting a facial, Justin said,

“But people thought she was invading my space, and that’s actually not the truth. What we were doing was we were both flirting…well, I was flirting with the chef because he was cute and I was pushing her out the way so I could have a one-on-one moment with the chef.”

He continued to share how nice and welcoming Jenna is, and every time he appears on the show is because she and Hoda Kotb request him.

Justin is known for hosting “Daily Pop,” on E!.



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